Friday, March 29, 2013

Yes... our weather is back!

Although it has been nice lately, today was terrific! It was over 75 deg. F. today, with nothing but sun!

Seems Good Friday, is not a real big holiday here in Florida. We used to have it off each year when I worked at the Bank, and Judy always had it off working for the Feds, but everyone down here seemed to work today, including the huge State Farm Office across the road from us. All the stores were also opened here today, and Lego Land was as busy as ever!

This morning I had to get my Honda 750 out of storage, as it was dirty from travelling all the way to Key West and back, and I just cannot live right knowing one of my machines is dirty!


It was such a hot morning, I had to do the cleaning inside my RV Garage, under all our sun shades! Worked perfect, and all is clean again.

Received a phone call from Edgewood Drive Shoe Repair, over in Lakeland, telling me my motorcycle jacket was all fixed and ready to pick up. They had replaced the zipper that had worn out. We decided to drive over in the Jeep and pick it up. On the way back we drove right by Circle B Ranch so we just had to drop in and do the Alligator walk!


This is by far our favourite area to walk... you get to see all the water birds...


These three turtles were fihting for the same small chunk of log, in very murky water...


The only camera I had today was my LG Smartphone, and it is real hard to get pics of an egret in flight, but my superior camera skills came through for me! This bird is flying over lake Hancock, home to 4,000 alligators! There are over 1,000,000 Alligators in Florida!

Rest of the day was spent taking life easy, and talking to some neighbours... all who are in the process of pulling out of here! Three of our good neighbours will leave this Easter Weekend! It will be deserted here next week! Judy and I will be hanging around a bit more, as there is still snow at home!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That's a pretty good egret shot for not having a camera with you. One million alligators, eh? Think I'll stay on the west coast lol!!

  2. I just heard about Circle B Ranch fairly recently. Looks like a great place to see varied wildlife. I just love Florida birds. They sure make walks more interesting.

  3. We don't want to rush home yet either, hoping the next ten days melts the snow for us.

  4. Great shot of that egret - superior camera skills for sure!

    Our park is beginning to look a bit deserted too. This Tuesday, when we leave, is going to be the big day with at least a dozen of us pulling out.

  5. That little 'garage' you have is ideal for cleaning the bikes out of the sun.

    We missed you two, last evening, when a few RVers came over for a BBQ at Caliente' Resort. 'Twas fun though.....!