Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting ready to go...

Wow... the humidity sure came back here again today... beautiful day, temps well over 85 deg. F. with a southerly wind.

We enjoyed breakfast in the RV with the Morrisons, and then right away, hit the road on a little tour around the Winter Haven area.

Started off by taking them down to see the Florida Natural Orange Juice Facility, as John is a Farmer, so wanted to check out growing oranges!


Here is Johnny above, checking out the oranges at the Visitor's Center.

Next we had to take the Florida Natural 1/2 ton for a ride...

We toured from here down to Frost Proof, and wanted to show John and Pat Rainbow Resort, our new Park for next year... we had a nice tour through.

Stopped at a nice little Frost Proof Restaurant and enjoyed lunch sitting outside... the was actually a motorcycle rally going on in Frost Proof but we did not bother to go down to check it out...

We drove west from Frost Proof and into Fort Meade. This makes for a nice circle tour...


We went down to show John and Pat the Peace River that flows through one of the parks in Fort Meade.

It was hot, as we load up, to make the ride back to up Winter Haven... great day to ride... we were out for about 4 hours...

John and Pat took us out to dinner tonight at the "I am Pasta" Restaurant beside our Park... one of my favourite spots in all of Winter Haven. Thanks Guys!

Judy and Pat retired to the trailer to watch a movie, while John and I sat in the RV and took in the big Maple Leaf victory over the Bruins tonight! Ya!

Off for Key West tomorrow...

till tomorrow...



  1. Winter Haven is a nice area. Thanks for sharing your day

  2. Nice trip had on the motorcycles. If you have to be in high humidity, it helps to ride through it.

  3. A nice area in Frostproof, we have friends that winter at Lakemont Ridge, there every year.

  4. Thanks for sharing another fun day on your bikes. Have a safe and fun trip down to the Keys!

  5. I am not familiar with the Winter Haven area but it looks pretty peaceful. Hope the bike ride to the Keys goes well and your stay there is exceeds your expectations.