Saturday, March 16, 2013

Biking up in Auburndale today...

Wow... what a great day today turned out to be! The weather was just perfect. Never did get the official high for today, but I will call it 80 deg. F and nothing but sun out there today. Wow... you had to be here!

This morning we took life easy, with a bit of shopping at our local Walmart. I wanted to pick up a new 50 foot cable for our Satellite TV as one of our 3 wires went bad from some reason... not sure why, but it did. Now it is fixed and life is good again for today!

This afternoon we wanted to get outside it was so nice, so Judy came up with a bicycle ride up in Auburndale, at a hiking/bike trail they have here.


This is a paved 12 foot wide trail, that is as straight as an arrow! It follows along through Auburndale, up 6 miles to Polk City.

We carried the bikes for the 20 minute drive on the back of the Jeep with our bike rack... all set to go.

Off we go... Auburndale has a terrific Park system, including one of the biggest dog parks I have seen for a while.

After on the trail for one mile, we came across a huge baseball complex, and they had a big ball tournament on the go... we watched one inning. It was Men's fast pitch, and they were throwing hard!

As you can see above, I am at mile marker 4 of 6 miles... only two more to go, and then make the turn to head back home!


Lucky for us, there was a bit of shade along the way, and lots of green all around us. It took us 2 hours to make the 12 mile run.

We made our way back to Winter Haven, and had to go up to our Post Office. Along the way, Judy spotted these two Sand Hill Cranes, and as you can see, they have been busy! These two young chicks sure did not look very old... maybe only a few days. Must be spring!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Isn't it just wonderful to have such perfect weather. Those babies are the cutest.

  2. That looks like my kind of bike ride - straight and flat! 80F is also my kind of waather too, just about perfect.

  3. Another wonderful day exploring looks like fun there.