Friday, March 15, 2013

Some places never get old...

Augh... Friday! Use to be my favourite day of the week! When I worked, that is. Now, just about every day is my favourite! Turned out to be a great Friday here, maybe not as hot as it is in Ca., but in the 70's is just fine with me, with lots of sun to boot!

A bit of housekeeping today... a couple days ago, I blogged about the Allen Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park! I had mentioned in the blog that it was a Gold Medal winner. Well, Dog Folks set that straight, by explaining in his comment that ALL the State Parks in Florida won this award... not only once, but twice. I assume this must be for some National Award in the U.S. Thanks Dog Folks.

Last week I broke the zipper on my most favourite motorcycle leather jacket in the world, so this morning I was out the door to try and take it to a zipper doctor in Winter Haven, however when I got there, it looked like the store had closed up last week! Bummer.

This afternoon, I found another Leather Repair Shop, up in Lakeland, so Judy and I took off on the motorcycles for an afternoon run to Lakeland. $50.00 will fully replace the zipper in my Jacket, so I am happy. It would have cost a lot more for a new jacket!

We stopped at the Circle B Preserve on the way home... I have lost track of how many times I have blogged about this special place, but here we go again.

When we parked the bikes, I was laughing at this car in the parking lot, who must have forgot his windshield screen, so he made one out of spanish moss! Whatever!







Apart from over 6 varieties of different water birds, here is what we saw today at the preserve... racoons, possums, geckos, wild boars, 13 big turtles, a bunch of alligators, and some humans. Every time you go on the trail, it is different, and amazing. We saw 3 possums today on the trail today. Never before can I remember seeing possums in the wild, only at the zoo. The pic above of the possum, is the only one we did not take today. I just wanted to show you what one looked liked!

Things are starting to warm up here quite a bit, and we are looking for some nice spring weather to finish off our winter here.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I just told my husband that you got a nice picture of a possum - then I read the rest of your blog.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Love that picture of the turtles enjoying the sun. We set a live trap out for a raccoon once and got a possum instead. I thought it was dead but when Russ checked it, it raised it's head, looked at him and went right back to sleep. Was totally unconcerned about being in a cage. We released him unharmed in a wildlife area. He hissed and wanted to stay in the cage!!

  3. More great picture and a fun day. Nice that you got that zipper fixed, like you said cheaper than a new jacket.

  4. That innovative sun screen on the car is the photo of the week in the blog word, bar none!

  5. Hmm...not so sure that moss will catch on as a windshield sunscreen!

    Possum's are weird looking little animals.

    Great picsQ!