Sunday, September 4, 2011

Christmas in September??? What???

Who ever heard of Christmas in September???  Well, they have here at Willow Springs RV Park.  Today was the Park’s Annual Christmas Turkey Dinner.  Of course this Park is long closed and full of snow come December 25 each year, with no one around except for maybe the odd snowman, so they hold Christmas Dinner on Labour Day!  Why not!  The owners of the Park provide the meal free to all year round park campers, like Judy and I.  We were able to arrange to have Chris and Kristina join us, along with Gwenny of course.

Hamming it up before dinner.


I think about 90 people attended… and enjoyed a terrific turkey dinner!


Did I mention they also had desert???


We were all out walking before dinner in Woodstock to make room for a bit of that desert!


It was another hot and humid day in southern Ontario!  Will this ever end????


Gwenny never woke up while on her walk…


So with lots of pictures of little Gwenny lately, I have to give some “air time” to little Paige and Emmie over in Ottawa… I found a couple good recent pictures off of their blog…

Emmie is now over 3 1/2 and looks like she is going on to 15 in this picture…

Emmie goes out

And I liked this picture of Paige on the left, and Emmie, all decked out in summer colours. 


Yikes, the blog is all over the place lately, all cars yesterday, and all Grand Kids today! 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring???

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well, being a grandma I have to say I enjoyed the kids more than I did the cars! At least you offer something for everyone. :) Your little grand girls are adorable. That dinner sounds awfully good too...YUM.

  2. You sure have some cute looking little grandkids! Real scene stealers for sure!

    Turkey Dinner in September sounds good to me - and Oct.(Thanksgiving) and Nov.(U.S. Thanksgiving) and Christmas Day of course. Along with all those great looking desserts too!

  3. Great the pics of the grands...they are the cars but grand kids are cuter..

  4. We have Christmas in October just before we head south for the winter. Great pictures of the grandkids. We also have lots of desserts!!!! Just remember deserts can be awfully dry!!! and desserts we always want more than one.

  5. well..Merry Christmas to you and Judy!!!..dinner sounds yummy!..
    the grandkids are growing up fast!!