Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Weather Man must of gone home…

Talk about the biggest turn around of the summer, yikes… all of our nice warm sunny weather is gone, and we have nothing but cold, damp, rain, windy, do you get the picture… what is going on???

Just took life easy this morning doing some paper work and reading inside the RV this morning, as it rained all morning! 

This afternoon, I ran into Kristina, Gwenny, and Judy who also took life easy this morning.  I had to hit the Woodstock Post Office to send a bunch of stuff by snail mail so I took care of that…

I went searching for some pictures on Judy’s camera, hoping she had  some in reserve, to keep my blog going tonight!   Yesterday, Gwenny had her two month check up at the Dr.’s office.  She received her first booster shot… 2 of them actually!  They gave them to her, at the same time, one in each leg, on the count of 3!  Yikes…

Gwenny is doing very well, and weighs over 10 lbs. now, putting on 2 lbs. a month.  This is Dr. Bruckswaiger,  giving her the once over!


While we were all out this afternoon, we stopped at Walmart, to have Gwenny’s picture taken for a new Passport… it is a little tricky  getting the right picture for a passport of an infant, they need to have their eyes open, with a neutral expression… right!  Gwenny was sound asleep, and it took Kristina about 10 minutes to get her to wake up and open her eyes! 


Also, no hands can bee seen in the pictures of the person holding the baby, so Kristina had to kneel and hide while the photographer did her job…

Judy took this picture below of me trying to make Gwenny look at the camera…  she finally did and the picture turned out good!


Gwenny should get to use that new passport in early January, as she is going to fly down to Desert Hot Springs in California to visit us for a week!  Well, OK, she will bring Mom and Dad with her…  We look forward to her visit, and to be able to celebrate her Mother’s 30th birthday on Jan. 8th!

Till tomorrow…


  1. She's such a doll. Best passport picture ever.

  2. she is a cutie..and how exciting that she will be coming for a visit..even if she has to 'bring along the chaperones'!!

  3. Wow! This means that Paulette and I should be able to see Gwenny for ourselves in January? And, the new parents too, of course!

    Taking that passport photo with all those crazy rules could be time consuming for sure.