Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well, that is it for Summer, 2011.

Yes, hard to believe, summer if officially over for another year!  Tomorrow is the first day of fall, and the colours are starting to change here in Southern Ontario.

Not much on the go today… Judy went into Woodstock to help Kristina organize a bunch of stuff around the home, and I did some RV work and stuff like that!

This afternoon I headed into Town to see what they were up to and was told I needed to “Babysit” Gwenny while they worked on sorting a whole bunch of cloths for her. 


I don’t understand what is so hard about babysitting… Gwenny and I were on the same wave length as we put in a hard afternoon!


When Gwenny and I woke up, we got out a brand new toy that Mom bought for her… she loves it, as it plays lots of kid’s type music, and lots of flashing light on it!



Rain is coming tomorrow which is not real great, but that is the way it goes…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great way to spend the last day of summer.

  2. nice last day of summer you had!..looks like a great place to have a nap!!

  3. Way to pitch in on the baby sitting, looks like you've got that job down to a fine art.

    No doubt, you and Judy have had a wonderful, activity filled summer and most of it with your family and beautiful new granddaughter. Doesn't get any better than that.

  4. A beautiful picture of the two of you! What a wonderful summer to spend it close to a new grandbaby - and such a precious smile from Gwenny....

  5. How cute is little Gwenny!! Lucky you two!! You are going to miss her when you head south this winter! My friend Sandy, uses Skype and a webcam to 'talk' to her Grand Baby. Works great except the baby thinks grandma is a computer speaker!! haha
    Take care!