Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel day…

We were smoking down the 401 towards Toronto by 10:00 this morning, which turned into a great day… lots of sun, and warm temperatures.

We stopped once we hit Orillia, and checked in to see Judy’s Brother Gary, and his Wife Shelly.  They had a new member of the Family who we got to meet for the first time… Maggie.


Little Maggie is less than a year old, and is full of energy, that is for sure!


Below, Maggie got a little tired of all the adult talk going on, so went off to never never land… zzzzzz


Stopped in to talk to my Mom as well for a hour or so, and then headed up to Bracebridge where we hooked up with David and Angela and a great big file full of all our mail!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Maggie sure is a cutie. And those puppies do have a huge amount of energy. But so wonderful when they wear out.

  2. Maggie is so precious!!..let sleeping dawgs lie!!!

  3. Great to meet Maggie! Young puppies are always so much fun - she's a cutie!

  4. Oh that Maggie is a veryu pretty girl ~ Glad you had a GREAT day visiting!
    Have fun & Travel safe