Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ontario’s Premier comes to Woodstock???

Check out what little Gwenny was up to today…

She was checking out the local Celebrity Rag, to catch up on all the comings and goings of the Stars!  Baby Stars of course…


It was a very dull  and rainy day AGAIN here in Southern Ontario… all the good weather seems to have headed out west! 

We never left the RV until after lunch time today, as Judy promised she would baby sit Gwenny, as Kristina wanted to get caught up on some of her work. 

I had heard that our Ontario Premier, Dalton McGinty was headed to Woodstock today to do some campaigning.  Yesterday, he called a Provincial Election for early October.  So with a little help of the internet, I figured out he was going to be at the new Toyota Motor Plant in Woodstock to give a statement on energy.  I thought, hey, why not go and and see if I can see him… I have all day! 

Here is the new Toyota Motor Plant… they produce the Toyota Rav 4 here…


As I drove into the Plant Parking Lot, so did the Campaign Bus!  How fortunate! 


Only problem was, the bus was on the other side of the security fence from me, and they were not allowing the public in to see the Premier.  Oh well…  I decided to go home and catch it all on TV.

The Premier was heading for the Toyota Test Track, that is pictured below, but not very well… they take the new cars just made out on a 2 klm. ride on the test track, just behind the factory.


Turns out the Premier took one of the new RAV 4’s out for a test drive, an electric one!   He wants Ontario to be a leader in this stuff.  He went on to London, Ontario, where he has cut a deal with Samsung, to produce real neat new solar panels, and a bunch of new wind mills.  Very high tech and hopefully, job producing!

So our Province has until early October to decide which Party we want to lead us for the next 4 years.  Get ready to hear of lots of promises! Should be interesting!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well aren't you "lucky"? A visit from Norman Bates, er I mean, Dalton McGuinty.

  2. Wow that was pretty neat seeing the bus...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. I would consider it a blessing to be trapped on the other side of a security fence from our Premier!