Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taking advice from other bloggers…

Turned into a cooler, wet kind of dreary type day… lots of rain this afternoon.

Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels posted a good blog yesterday I believe, with follow up today, on RV and 5th Wheels tire problems… blow outs in particular.  This has always been a bit of a bug-a-boo with RVer’s in general.  Since Judy and I have started to travel in our RV, on travel days, I always test tire pressure on each tire before we roll, including the Jeep or Motorcycle Trailer, depending on what we are towing.  RV tires run at 95lbs. of cold tire pressure.  If you have a low tire pressure in one of these, you run the risk of overheating the tires badly.  During the day, while travelling, I always check the tires to ensure they still look inflated, and feel them to get a feeling if they have overheated or not.

On Rick’s blog, he received a comment from Chuck of goldenshoe RV trip , who noted that he had bought from Radio Shack a Temperature Sensing Device.  I though hmmmmmm.  Anyways, Rick decided to go down to Canadian Tire in B.C. and see what they had.  He bought one for $39.95 and tried it out and found it worked great.  So, it was off to Canadian Tire today for me here in Woodstock to see what they had.  Turns out, the same Temperature Sensing Device at the same price as in B.C.   Perfect.

Although it is branded a “Mastercraft” Product, don’t be fooled, it is made in China…


So check out below on how this gun works.  It uses a laser light so you can see what surface you are pointing at.   Simply point and pull the trigger.  You see in the picture below, the laser light is set on the side of the cabinet, and the temperature reading is 71 Deg. F.


Now you point the laser light on the gun at the fresh cup of Tim Horton’s finest, and as you can see, the outside temperature of the cup is 138 Deg. F.  I went around and tested all kinds of things this morning, and all readings appeared very accurate!  With this devise, I will be able to check each tire, including the hard to get at, back inside two tires on our RV, and determine if anyone is overheating.  Also, it will be an easy check to see if we have an overheating wheel bearing or not!  Great little device. So, thanks to Rick and Chuck, maybe our travels will be safer this winter!  Thanks Guys!


So you might wonder, where did he get that real nice cup of Tim Horton’s coffee???  Easy, I borrowed Gwenny’s Tim Horton card!


Well, actually it was a nice birthday gift from Gwenny’s Mom and Dad… sure enjoyed the coffee.

You might also note, the blog is back after a two day absence… I was up in Bracebridge to have a colonoscopy completed.  Good news was my test was perfect, with no problems and don’t have to go back for 5 years!   Yes, it is important to have the test done!

A big RVlifeonwheels welcome to Jeff Simmons, our most recent blog follower!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Congrats on your test results, that's great news.

    Sure nice of Gwenny to let you have your Tim's card back so you could get a cup of coffee. I guess using our new sensor guns to make sure our coffee is hot enough qualifies as and "essential RVing" task.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Good news on the colonoscopy. Guess we need to look into one of those sensors also.

  3. Besides tire danger, the infrared gun found I had a bad wheel bearing. Saved me from breakdown or even a fire !

  4. congrats on your test results!..and your new 'purchase'..have fun with it!!