Monday, September 12, 2011

Lesson Time…

So it turned out to be just like it was all summer here today, hot and sunny.  Nice to have our great weather back! 

Slept in a bit today getting caught up on some sleep from the weekend, plus watching the 911 Remembrance Ceremony on the TV last night.  Yes, my birthday is on Sept. 11, and in 2001, I was sitting in the Bank eating birthday cake the Staff had arranged for us all, and someone phoned us in at the Bank to tell us a plane had hit the World Trade Centre… sure has been a different world since that day!

After posting the pictures of the motor home that burned in our park on the weekend, I wanted to make sure I covered off all the items I had thought about during the evening!  It hits home when you see one burnt out right in front of you.

First thing to check was our smoke detector, which is a combination, smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  It needed a bit of cleaning as it had dust on it, and when you press the test button, it talks to you, and beeps.  All was good, and ours has 3 Double A batteries, so has lots of power, plus a low battery notification, it will talk to you and tell you to replace the batteries… hi tech for sure!

Next on my list was our emergency escape hatch!  It is the window right over the head of our bed.  I pulled the two red handles to release the window, and it did not release… oh – oh…   I spent more time, and realized that the rubber seals had all sort of dried and locked the window in place.  I carefully started tapping the window with my hand, and soon had it swinging free, ready for the great escape.  Made sure I covered off the escape plan with Judy.

Next was the propane appliances.  Wanted to make sure they were clean, with no debris, and check the operation of them. 

Probably the best of the bunch was the fridge… here is it below.  It operates off of electricity or propane.  It had some dust and small debris inside so I vacuumed it out, and cleaned it all out with a clean rag.


This next picture is the furnace.  It was a lot dirtier, that is for sure… The vacuumed went a long in cleaning all the dust out of the interior vent.  You can see this vent above the round motor.


Here is a close up of the dirt I found in the furnace area… it is all cleaned out now.


This is the exterior of the hot water heater.  It had a limited amount of dirt and debris inside, and again, i vacuumed and cleaned out with a rag.  I also bled off a bunch of hot water through the pressure relief valve at the top of the picture.  It says to do so every 6 months, to keep the lines clean. 

hot water

The picture below is after cleaning, and during testing.  You can see a nice clean blue flame of the water heater in operation… this is what you want.  If you have a yellow type of flame, you need to get your unit serviced!


Here is what the water heater looks like with the cover panel on the exterior of the motor home.  All our appliances are together on the passenger side of the motor home.


I think before we take off this fall, I will also take the motor home in to the dealership, to have the propane system checked for leaks.  You cannot do this at home kids, so get the professionals to do this one for you!

So that was the extent of my day, ensuring all is well with our motor home.  I think this will be a regular 6 month maintenance project from now on.

Judy was revved up and cleaned the motor home rugs today with a steam cleaner… sure smell nice! 

Off to dinner with our Daughter and her Husband, as they want to celebrate my Birthday!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well Jim's honey-do list grew by three items. Thanks for the reminders.

  2. Oh man all guy stuff but I guess I can nag my honey to do this...
    Have fun

  3. After reading this entry I have a 'honey be sure to do' list all made up for rick....thanks

  4. better to be safe than sorry!...thanks for the clean up lesson!!!

  5. Yikes! We'll definitely be taking care of ours soon!

  6. Happy belated birthday John :) I remember your birthday "back in the days", in 1999... I miss you 2 very very much! Take care, Melanie

  7. Thanks for the tips and pics, John. I guess I'll be getting my ShopVac out soon to do some vacuuming!