Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Weekend has been a real “Drag”…

A little late blogging tonight, but I just got back to the RV from Grand Bend.  I decided this week I wanted to go the the big summer end bash at the Drag Track.  It was a blast… they had all big boys with all the toys there… here is how it looked!

Got the to track, and in 5 minutes, met Andy Koopman and his friend Sid, from Woodstock.  We all sat together and had a blast!

This is a Pro Mod Gremlin… what a blast from the past that thing is!


This guy was looking for a snow bank… not today… it was over 35 degrees C.  The track was hot!


Lots of these cars burn nitro, this one below was a 6 second car in the 1/4 mile, and fast… over 200 mph.




Some real nice cars out today…


This was a nitro burning Harley Davidson, all the guy could do was to hang on!  It was quick.


They had a group of Nostalgic Nitro Burning Funny Cars… this is one of the reasons I wanted to come… they are a blast to watch, loud and fast!


The Funny Cars did great burnouts!


OK, so they had a Fire Truck that could do a Wheel Stand, all the way down the 1/4 mile… cool!  (Will someone please get that guy in the front row a shirt!… Thank you)P9032658

Ohhh… and it gave off a few sparks on the way!


Below is another reason I wanted to come today… jet cars!


They were awesome… you could feel the heat… they were the fastest things on the track today at over 270 mph in the 1/4 mile… what a noise!  ( yes, I did wear my headgear to protect my ears).


If these two guys had a small pair of wings, they would have taken off!


We got through the first round of races tonight, and then some rain hit… too much actually, and they could not dry the track out enough to continue.  However, I got a nice rain check to come back to races next year! 

The rain delay, gave us a chance to go into the pits and check out the cars and talk to the drivers… what a great group!


Some of the motors are incredible…


They are fully equipped to tear them down and re-build them, right in the pits.


So that was what kind of day it was… a real drag.  I love going, and will be back next year!  Sorry about all the car pics tonight, I only took about 147 of them!

Till tomorrow…


  1. And here I thought it was thunder I could here from down south of us near that there Grand Bend place:))

  2. Wow that was really spectacular looking....
    Have fun

  3. I'll bet your ears are still ringing! Sure must be an expensive hobby what with just the fuel and tires!