Wednesday, September 14, 2011

London visit…

Took life easy this morning, and headed into town to figure out if we can get U.S. service on our cell phone this winter… don’t even go there!  Bell, and the rest of our fine Canadian Cell Phone Companies, sure do not want you going down into the U.S with your phone… It is a lot cheaper to just buy a cell phone in the U.S. and use it!

We headed over to visit Kristina, and we all ended up planning a trip into London, to take in the Western Fair.  We were off by 11:30 this morning and landing in London about 12:30.  Well, the problem is, the Fair does not open until 3:00 p.m.  Guess we should have looked on the good old internet ahead of time! 

After we had a bite to eat, we decided to visit a London Park, and take Gwenny for a hike!

I will make sure I get my rivers right tonight, as we certainly are on the Thames River here, along with all the Geese and Ducks…


Gwenny loved it down by the River.


You can’t really tell, but Gwenny is getting her “business” end changed on this nice lookout over the River…

thames dock

Grannie and Pop Pop on the job below… enjoying a real nice day in London!


Last night we received a real nice “Skype Phone Call” from Dr. Shawn along with Emmie and Paige in Ottawa.  It seems the Ottawa Hospital issued brand new Ipad two’s to all the Dr.’s working there, so Shawn wanted to try out the Skype capabilities… it worked great! The Dr.’s are able to access patient information in the Hospital using the Ipad.  Hi tech for sure!  Very clear pictures received!  Good to see them all in Ottawa.

Have to welcome our 80th blog follower to the clan tonight… Bob wins the prize for being #80!

Till tomorrow…


  1. How nice to get an Ipad 2... Gwenny is growing so fast!!! We have Verizon and it cost us $20 to add Canada when we visited last year. AT&T was way to expensive...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. I know what you mean about cellphone roaming rates while travelling in the U.S. - scary stuff!

    Nice pictures of you guys and Gwenny down by the River Thames.

    p.s. I'm just waiting for someone to ask how you got back and forth from London to Ontario so fast!!