Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Success! (It does take about 12 people to change a light bulb!)

Many thanks to everyone who left comments about my light bulb dilemma.  I took to heart the advise given by “Trailercamper”, who said it looked like the light had over heated, and might just be kind of really stuck in the socket.  I decided to give it one more go, and firmly grabbed the base of the light with one hand, and firmly grab the light with the other, and twisted a bit, and pulled hard and low and behold… out it came! Turns out it is a standard type 12V bulb, the number on it is 921, and of course my good friends over at Canadian Tire stocked a whole bunch of them.   I was actually able to get a GE Bulb, that offered 20% more light than the standard 921.  It does!  Judy wanted a bit more light inside the RV, and these new bulbs seem to fit the bill!  I bought enough to change all our main use lights, as a lot of them were there from origin of the RV, and seemed dull…  everything is nice and bright now.  Thanks again everyone for your comments, and now wonder WD 40 sells so well, everyone uses it!

Today turned out to be a perfect day here, with lots of sun, and mid 25 deg. C. temps.  Judy suggested we head out for a motorcycle ride, as it was so nice. 

Had the bikes out and ready to go, all cleaned up…


Our destination today, was St. Mary’s and the Stratford area.  We had never been up to St. Mary’s yet so off we went… it is only about a 40 minute drive from Woodstock.

About 1/2 the way up, we came across a small Town called Harrington.  It had a nice pond and grist mill set up as a park area.


There was a small bridge/dam where we were, and it fed the river leading up to the Grist Mill, that was built in 1846!


It was a gorgeous day, nice and warm…


Here is part of the old mill…



I had to crop the heck out of this next picture of a swan on the little pond, there was 5 of them!


This picture below is of part of the Main Street in St. Mary’s… it is a real nice Town, very old with lots of century type buildings.


We stopped and had lunch at Tim Horton’s, and then toured around Town a bit, and found a nice trail by the waterfront, called the Grand Trunk Trail.


The trail runs along the old Grand Trunk Railroad.  The town bought the old right of way, and built a trail along with the local Rotary Club. 



This is the old railway bridge that went over the Thames River… they fund raised money, by selling each of the boards you see on the bridge!  Each one has little plaque on it with the donors name!


Part of the Thames River…


More reflections in the water below…


This is looking towards the downtown area.


Yes, fall in upon us, we found lots of fall colours along the way…


We left St. Mary’s and headed east on Highway 7 to the beautiful Town of Stratford.  We headed down to the waterfront area, where the famous Stratford Festival is.  Stratford has always produced lots of Shakespeare old plays.. and they are very popular.  People come from all over just to attend!  It is also not cheap!


Lots of geese and ducks down on the waterfront here as well!


It was a short 30 minute drive back to Woodstock.  Turned out to be a great afternoon… sure enjoyed the nice weather. 

Our good friends David and Angela are now down in Lake Havasu City at their condo.  Enjoy!  

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sure glad to hear you got your light bulb problem fixed. And the fall colors are really starting to turn gorgeous.

  2. I love that Grist Mill river picture!

  3. Haven't been to Stratford since about 1975, and that was to see "The Taming of the Shrew"!