Monday, September 26, 2011

How many people does it take to change a light???

Well, it seems like quite a few people may be needed to change a light!  This past weekend we burned out a couple of our 12V lights inside our RV.  As it turns out, I can’t even get the old light bulb out of the socket! 

There are seven of these lights in our RV, you are looking a 1/2 of one fixture.  Our RV has an inverter that converts household current supplied by the RV utility pole, into 12V power to run everything inside the RV.  Air conditioners and Microwave are the only exceptions to this.  So we end up using these light all the time, regardless of being “plugged in” or not!

Kind of a harmless looking little thing, isn’t it!  The light does not seem to want to pull straight out of the socket, and the plastic base it is stuck in does not want to come out of it’s socket either.


Today started out cloudy, but you could tell it was going to be warm.  Judy went into Woodstock to spend the morning with Kristina and Gwenny, so I thought I would jump on my motorcycle, and head over to Forest City RV in London and figure out this light problem… well seems they were stumped as well!  Go figure.  They did not have the bulb in stock, even thought they had a big inventory of different lights!  Rick recommended I re-try pulling out the light again… any thoughts on this anyone????   I am open for suggestion!


I took the back roads over to London on the motorcycle, and really enjoyed the ride.  I stopped and took the picture above with my smart phone…  kind of neat… the farmer had started taking corn off the field, and somehow managed to combine right around the tree located in the middle of the field… yup fall is here!

My Daughter Kristina has a sense of humour… a day or so ago she sent me this comic strip by email.  I take a lot of abuse over my fleet of airplanes… and large inventory of Krazy Glue!

Apparently the two individuals in this strip had built a model airplane in the strip before this one.


It will soon be time to get serious again about flying, as we head down south to our winter home!  I can feel the nice winter sun already! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. No suggestions on the light, sorry. That was the perfect carton for you.

  2. It looks like the tongue on the bottom of the bulb needs prying to open it. I would try to put the end of a small screwdriver under it and try to pry it loose. Good luck!

  3. It looks like and automotive bulb, perhaps a 906. Usually you can just pull the bulb from the socket however I notice that the bulb has been hot and the surrounding trim has indication of overheating. If it did, the bulb is can become almost soldered to the holder. You should be able to remove the housing from the lamp but it is probably attached to the housing with wires. You grab the holder in one hand and wrap a rag around the bulb and gently (a little easier to apply pressure this way) and wiggle in back and forth across the holder until it loosens and comes out. If it breaks you can usually remove the pieces with needle nose pliers.

  4. Some day I'll learn to read before I post.

  5. Wd40. I put that sh** on everything.

  6. I vote for WD-40 too..and the needle nose pliers..just break the sucker!!

  7. About the light - I've always had to push them in a bit and then twist to get the light out. Not sure how yours works.

    Great cartoon!