Friday, September 23, 2011

The first day of Fall is a dud!

Cool and wet, I guess that is the way to start off fall… I don’t know…

Judy went into Town again, to help out Kristina with some stuff around the house, and they decided to take a trip to St. Thomas to keep the economy going down there for a bit… it sure needs it these past few days with the way the Financial Markets have been.

I had a big job to do… defrost our fridge.  When you live full time in the RV, you have to do this, as they do not defrost themselves… I had not done this job since last spring, and it was beginning to look like the middle of winter inside our freezer, with little room left for food.  It took about 4 hours to get it all melted down and then I had to clean it all up… all is good now!

When Judy was getting Gwenny ready to go to St. Thomas today she snapped a quick picture of her all done up in her outfit!


The rest of today I just took life easy, on the computer, doing some reading, and watched a movie… every time I looked out it was raining…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Fall - not here. 91 degrees today.

  2. Gweny is looking adorable as usual. We are also in the 90s here in central Oregon....tooooo hot.

  3. Yep, that sure was a long gloomy old rainy day we had here in southwestern Ontario alright. While you were defrosting the fridge I was doing laundry. We men sure know how to handle a rainy day for sure:))

  4. It was cloudy here but very warm with little or no rain yesterday.... but, Fall is definitely here.. time to head south.

    I see the ladies are already training little Gwenny in the arts of shopping - getting all dressed up is the first step.