Sunday, September 11, 2011

A great weekend in Richmond Hill…

Too busy to get the blog posted on Saturday, so will have to make up for it tonight…

We had a great weekend in Richmond Hill, spending time on Saturday touring motorhomes, and a great day today hiking.

We got time to visit Bella Vista RV, along with Heidi’s RV Centre, and The Hitch House.

Here is Tom and Cheryl checking out a nice DP at Bella Vista, in Oro.


They sure made them nice these days inside… opposing slides sure give you lots of room in the motorhomes.


Below is a nice Winnebago, that had 3 slides, with a nice diesel motor and all decked out, and was listed at $119,000.00 with low miles… seems all the motorhomes have low miles, they just don’t seem to get used much on the road.


This one below was a gas unit with a nice fireplace and flat screen TV.


Tom was all concerned about being able to use the RV showers, as he is like well over 6 feet, so Judy caught him in this picture below… looks like he is ready for Scotty to “Beam Him UP!”…


I liked the unit below, it is a 2007 Gulf Stream, with a big diesel engine, and well equipped, for $89,000.00.  Seem to have trouble getting Tom to get the cheque (check book for American readers) book out!


This is the interior of the Gulf Stream… that is our Hitch House Sales Person.


So after a hard day of motor homing, we had a nice steak dinner, and enjoyed some birthday cake, as, yes, I am another year older today!  You are only as old as you feel, and I feel good! Here we are sitting outside on the patio, under the shelter. 


So today was a great day to hike on my Birthday!  This great trail was east of Richmond Hill.


Good thing it was full of trees, as it was very sunny today… and warm.


So, while we were in Richmond Hill on Friday night, a Gentleman with his small dog pulled into our RV Park with his Fleetwood Motorhome.  In the middle of the night, 4:00 a.m., his furnace caught fire!  His little dog woke him up, and they were able to escape out the emergency escape window at the back of the RV.  He was very lucky.  They got out before the smoke detector went off.    What a mess.100_1348

The window at the back, on the right, was where they escaped from.


Below you can see the furnace unit, and all the damage it caused… this unit apparently is a 2006.


As you can see, the entire roof burned off… they had 16 firefighters out to put it out… all volunteers. 


This unit is totally destroyed!


I held the camera up to the bedroom window, looking in you can see the escape hatch. 


So there are a couple good lessons here for people.  I will be changing the batteries on my smoke detector as they are due, and will ensure it is working properly.  Also will ensure that the exhaust vent for the furnace outside the RV is clear of any debris, dead leaves, spider webs etc.

Also I plan to make sure our emergency escape window is working properly!  Apparently the gentleman had trouble opening it, as it had not been opened for a while, and the seals were kind of stuck.  He did get it opened eventually!

Also will review our escape plan with Judy to make sure she knows how the window opens etc.  This fire spread fast, and you do not have a lot of time to get out!  You have to be prepared!

It is no different if you own a brick and stick house, or a motorhome… you have to be ready!  Plan ahead!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Fires are so dangerous in motorhomes. You definitely need to practice escaping. They also suggest having a go bag by your escape window. I feel sorry for the gentleman but at least he and his dog are safe.

    You sure did look at some pretty units. Slides add so much room it's amazing.

  2. Good reminder for us all. It's important to check our batteries and the escape routes.

  3. first I want to say 'Happy Birthday'!!!..looks like you had a great day kicking some tires!!
    as for furnace fire?..pretty darn scary!!!..thank goodness the two of them got out alive!!

  4. Yikes, these are so scary!
    We have seen some newer ones with fireplaces and washer/dryer units in them. Those are for someday. =]

  5. Wow that was scary... I test my smoke detector everyday when I make toast ...LOL LOL Yes todays caocjes are beautiful and have so much in them. Beautiful!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Happy Birthday, John! Didn't Judy offer to buy you one of those nice 3 slide diesel pushers for your birthday? Actually, the prices seemed pretty reasonable to me.

    Scary fire. Good reminder on the escape hatch. I don't think I've ever opened ours - I'll check that out right soon! And, batteries too! Thanks, again!

  7. Happy belated birthday sad about the MH fire...thankfully they are safe...lots of things for us to check to ensure our safety thanks for reminding us all...take care