Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep an eye out for those bugs…

The past couple days have been very warm here, much warmer than we were used to when we stayed up in Muskoka prior to leaving for the south west!

We have allowed Patra to get outside a bit the past couple days to enjoy the warm weather.  While she was out she has cornered a couple different bugs, being the “great hunter” that she is!

Here is one…


I took the above picture, and then realized that Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) had a very similar looking little caterpillar… so I borrowed his picture to compare!

Now it seems to me, judging from the picture below, that we are infested by the same caterpillar…  black line down the back, and big black buggy looking eye at the front end!  They are also pure white in colour!


Sandra left a comment on his blog, telling people not to touch them, as they can leave a rash… nice to look at, but don’t touch! 

Does anyone know what kind of caterpillars these are… I cannot remember seeing them at all… maybe they are only in southern Ontario???

Not much going on here today, a bunch of cleaning and laundry went on this morning, and then went in and cut the lawn at Chris and Kristina’s house this afternoon for some exercise.  By the way, “Happy Birthday” Chris!

Till tomorrow…



  1. I know nothing about bugs other than I don't want them in my house. But they look cute.

  2. I think the top Caterpillar is a diesel and the bottom one is gas powered!

  3. they look a bit like asps but haven't seen one look quite like that... if they are they have a toxin in some of the more spiny hairs on their body which can impart quite a lot of pain if accidentally crush...