Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are feeling a bit lonely…

Well, today was Sept. 6th, and everyone knows what day that is… back to School Day!

Judy and I got to sleep in a bit, as we don’t have to worry about the back to school ritual… everyone is grown up! 

The start of the new week did mean that our Park emptied out here… big time!   Everyone has gone home after the Labour Day Weekend…

We only have one neighbour left, John and his Wife, in their Phaeton.  They are out of Florida, and will soon be heading back that way the beginning early next week.  The other trailers you see in the background, are seasonal, and long since deserted. 


Yes, our unit is still here!  Our motorcycle trailer that you see to the right of the unit, will end up staying in Woodstock for the winter, as we will once again tow the Jeep, and probably put Judy’s Burgman on the mototote behind the Jeep.


It seems we have switched weather with B.C.  We are very cool and damp, while they are hot and humid… go figure…

Spent most of the day working on a bunch of financial stuff, and some insurance stuff, all getting ready to hit the road at the end of October!  Getting close!

Judy is off babysitting Gwenny tonight as the kids have some outside commitments… she will be in her glory!

Till tomorrow…


  1. very dampish and cold here also...I question if we even had summer...in this area...

  2. Hey you guys come on down here to Florida ~ It'll be hopping soon with all the snow birds!!!
    Have fun

  3. hot and sweaty here!..thanks for that!!..the beginning of the school year always seems like the start of a new year to me more than January does!!

  4. Now that's the way I like to see a campground....nobody in it:))

  5. You definitely have some elbow room in the park!

    I'm so tired I can hardly type - we just laid the last tile about an hour ago - yahoo!!

    Now it's off to the garbage dump - it never ends!