Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off to the shopping centre…

When you live the lifestyle we do, you end up being down south during Christmas, so we take care of Christmas before we head south!  You have to go Christmas Shopping to arrange gifts for people, so that is what we were up to today… back to good old London to check out the Malls. 

We picked up Kristina and Gwenny, and while Judy was starting the shopping spree… I went with Kristina and Gwenny over to the Government building in London, to apply for Gwenny’s first Passport!  Seems everything we presented in support of the Passport passed the muster, other than the Lady did not like the nice passport picture we arranged at Walmart.  Sad smile   

So, everything is in motion, and now we have to have the picture re-done.  No problem, we have a special envelope to mail in the new picture so we don’t have to return to London.

Found this picture on our camera, taken this week when Chris and Kristina cooked up a marvellous macaroni and cheese dinner for my birthday!  This is the Lemon Pie and Gift time of the dinner… Just a quick note, one of the gifts they gave me, was a new bottle of special glue that is foam safe for special use on my model airplanes… do they think I am going to crash again????


While we were at the Masonville Mall in London, Kristina was all impressed as they had this nice Family Room for nursing Mothers to use! 


Gwenny was in a great mood today for shopping, and kept trying to grab my Visa Card on me… that instinct must be built into them!


On the 45 minute drive home to Woodstock, we found this nice 2006 Magellan Motorhome.  This is for Tom  and Cheryl to look at… It has leather furniture and a nice stand alone table and chairs… couldn’t get into it to look around, but it appears nice, and is listed at $76,800.00.  It is a gas unit.


Nice looking unit about 38 or 40 feet long, with 4 slides and only 15,200 miles on the dial.



Till tomorrow…


  1. I was just complaining to Jim today about all the Christmas stuff out at Costco. And here you are out Christmas shopping. How funny. That Visa is definitely a trait from birth.

  2. So smart to get that Christmas shopping done early... What a great looking rig for that price!
    have fun

  3. One of the deals with the kids coming to Palm Springs for Christmas was we'd dispense with gift-giving. We'll have to see about that - personally, I don't believe it'll ever happen!

    Glad to see that Gwenny seems to have the 'shopping' gene!