Monday, September 5, 2011

What happened??? Who hit the switch???

I guess all that bragging I did about our fine Southern Ontario weather did me in!  What a change we had today… Cool, overcast, only 14 degrees when we got up this morning… what happened?  Judy will tell you… “it is September!”

This morning in order to keep warm, we figured we better go for a hike along the trail at Pittock Lake.  Turns out, it is a very popular trail on Labour Day!

Judy found this grey cat, lurking in the middle of the trail, trolling for affection from anyone who would give it.  He had lots of business, as everyone stopped to give him some love…


Today was one of those days that the sky was almost the same colour as the lake…


A blurry view of the trail taken with my smart phone as I was walking… no people in sight here, but the trail was full!


Chris and Kristina had invited us over for Labour Day Dinner, as Chris wanted to do a chicken on the rotisserie on the BBQ… it was excellent…

Kristina took this picture of little Gwenny this morning, I call it her “dance” picture…


Gwenny was all dressed up today… Judy had trouble putting her down today!


Looks like tomorrow is going to be cool and overcast as well, but after that there is some promise!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Our sky has looked like that a lot today here in Arizona too. We've had power off and on all afternoon and evening as well.

  2. Fall will be here before we know it!!..nice outfit Gwenny is wearing!!

  3. I'd find it hard to put Gwenny down too :) such a cutie...

  4. I sure can see why Judy had a hard time putting Gwenny down ~ she is so precious!!!
    Have fun

  5. Finally, it is hotter here on the west coast than Ontario. We're experiencing a summer heat wave here with temps in the high 20's.

    Looks like you may end up with a little 'stowaway' when you head south this year!!