Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simply put, a blister of a day…

Wow, the hot weather continues… this has to be one of the warmest summers on record up here in Ontario… I figure by now every ice burg north of us will be half melted by now!

Took the day off of RV maintenance today, it was simply too hot, and the humidity levels were out of this world here… something we simply do not get while down in the south west!

By lunch time it was so warm and humid, I had to take a rest for a while as I was sweating just sitting in the RV.  1/2 hour snooze later I was set for the afternoon.  Kristina brought Gwenny out to the RV this afternoon in search of some cooler weather than in Woodstock. 

Judy loves to keep an eye on little Gwenny and she was do a fine job of that this afternoon.


Back in the days when our kids were first born, they were lucky if we strapped them into a car seat when travelling… now they have fancy travel systems, and Gwenny has one of the finest available.  The part Gwenny is sitting in, comes out and clips right into another docking station inside the car… the marvels of technology!

travel package

If you think back to yesterday’s blog, I had a picture of the fall display at our park… now it seems today, the lady farmer found herself a “Man”… hmmmmm wonder if they will be little farmers showing up soon!

scare  crow

A couple blogs ago, while we were hiking in Burgess Park, I identified the River we were walking along, as the Pittock River… well, my son-in-law Chris corrected me, indicating this is actually the Thames River!  I just ate my hat!

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's September 1st. The hot weather should be LEAVING now!! I know we're ready for it to be gone!

  2. We are still waiting for summer here on the east coast...its been so rainy..had a couple of nice days this week but quite chilly at night. Gwenny is adorable :)...stay hydrated..

  3. good correction..not that any of us would have known the difference!!..have a good day..hope it is cooler soon!!

  4. Hopefully the weather will start to cool down just a little bit now. I don't blame you for not wanting to go outside and do maintenance in the heat and humidity. Stay cool.

  5. You sure have had the hot weather this summer - let's hope you bring it with you to Desert Hot Springs for the entire winter!