Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is in the air…

Got down to about 7 or 8 degrees C. last night, and was certainly starting to feel like winter… although up in Gravenhurst area it got below 0!  So we should not feel too bad down here in our banana belt!

It finally started to warm up around 10:30 this morning and got right up there around 24 deg. C.  Not bad!

Check out Gwenny’s outfit for today… she got those nice blue boots from Mommy’s Friend/Boss who lives in Los Angeles area of California.


This morning Kristina invited us to join her and Gwenny over at their Church, as they were having a neighbour hood BBQ.  Why not!  Free food!

They had a great set up, with lots of tables that soon filled up with hungry people!


Who ever was in charge of the BBQ did an amazing job, as the hamburger I had was second to none!  That is the Pastor of the Church below, “Bob” who is wearing the Ottawa Senator Jersey…(hisss…)


…and this is where that Ottawa Senator’s Jersey ended up after a few hundred $$$$ was raised for overseas mission work!   Yup, Pastor Bob got wet!


A good part of the afternoon was spent shopping in downtown Woodstock… yes, Christmas is coming I am told…

We dropped Kristina and Gwenny off, and decided a bit of fresh air was needed so we hiked a nice little 1.5 Klick trial I found off the west end of Dundas Street in Woodstock.  We were so energetic, we did it twice!


It had a nice little bridge to get over the creek.


Lots of greenery, that is for sure!


Nice gravel trail to follow along the creek…


The low lying areas had nice cement walkways to follow…


On the upper part of the trail, we found this huge foundation???  Not sure what it was… but it is very old…


Just turned out to be a great day for a hike, and it was soon time to head for the hills…  when we got home this is what we were looking at… Patra was getting her afternoon sun at the RV… hence her name… “the dash cat”!


Tomorrow is supposed to be another great day… we have to head up to Bracebridge, as I have  medical test scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week… you know the one… where this Dr. Guy has this real nice looking scope thingy… and he puts it where the “sun don’t shine”! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. What a great day... BBQ & spending time with Gwenny!
    Have fun

  2. Nice trail you found - good for you guys for hiking it twice!

    I like Gwenny's new blue boots!