Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking all the wheels for a run…

Turned out to be not a bad day today… at least we didn’t have to head into London for the day! 

Regular household duties took hold this morning, and Judy headed into Woodstock to give Kristina a hand with Gwenny.  They managed to go back over to Walmart and have another Passport picture taken of Gwenny.  Hopefully this one passes the Government Test!

This afternoon I was wanting to do a couple things… it was nice out so I wanted to get out and about on my motorcycle for a while, however I also needed some exercise for my body!


Fortunately, my roller blades fit into my saddle bags, so I was off for the Pittock Lake paved trail and got my blading in!   It was a blast… conditions were perfect!  That was about it for today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sounds like a fun filled day!

  2. Oh that reminds me I need to get some roller blades!! =]

  3. Sounds like a great combination day to me - a bit of rolling on the bike and a bit of rolling on the blades!

    I don't know how those Passport idiots could ever reject a picture of Gwenny - everyone I've seen has been perfect!!