Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Norm, the newest “Leaf” Fan!

Started out real nice today, with sun and warm temperatures again, but by early afternoon it has clouded over, and we are expecting a whole bunch of rain to come in!

I want you all to meet Norm (2).  Judy calls him Norm 2 as we used to have Norm 1, however he was subject to a very violet fall off a shelf in the Motorhome, and well… need we say anymore!

The new Norm as you can tell is a Leaf Fan, and Judy got him for me for my Birthday.  At the end of this week, training camp opens for the NHL Teams, and Norm is all set for the exhibition season to start!  This is the year of the LEAF!


Today was spent on more things RV!  When we were visiting all the RV Dealerships on the weekend with Tom and Cheryl, we picked up a new Max Air Vent for our Bathroom Vent.  We did not have one on there, and if you left the vent open and the rain came, then you ended up with a wet butt when you sat down!   No good!

The RV Warehouse had them on sale for $29.00 plus a free hotdog to boot on Saturday, so I could not resist!  The hotdog was real good!

It takes about an hour to install a max air vent right overtop of your existing crank up vent.  All you need is a wrench, and a drill and a pencil, not forgetting your portable speaker to provide the great 70’s tunes off your sound system to keep you going! (Yes, still stuck in the 70’s)


You can have your vent fully open and no rain will come in with a max air vent in place!

While I was up there, I decided to take the lids off of our two RV Air Conditioning Units to see if they were all jammed up with dust, litter, etc.

This is what is under those lids up on the roof of your RV.  I had 3 old wasp nests and that was about it… no build up of dust, and no filter needing cleaning on the outside… it is probably inside on the unit.  Will have to check.


Ariel view of our park from our roof… quite a few units in the park now, as a big Farm Show started today in Woodstock!

view 1

After all RV things were done, attention turned toward my Honda 750… burnt out headlight…no good!  Had to remove my windshield to get at the headlight…

bike 1

The headlight is dangling there at the lower centre of the picture… no wonder it didn’t work!  It is BLURRY!

bike 2

After replacing the bulb, and fixing the camera, all is good again!

bike 3

Till tomorrow…


  1. Another thing for Jim's honey do list. Check the air conditioning for nests. He's not going to be happy with you. lol He also needs to get our vent covers installed on the fifth wheel. All these little tasks that need to be done. But it's so nice when they are finished and you're ready to go.

  2. A fall off a shelf is enough to give anyone a purple bruise.

  3. Those vent covers are really nice... glad you got them up and the air conditioners checked. Also so the headlight... you were one busy guy!
    Have fun

  4. boy oh boy..your 'honey do list is sure shrinking'!!

  5. I love that little gnome. Now I'm thinking I need to buy one and take photos of him in every place I travel! =]

  6. Norm is a leaf fan? You should have named him 'Grumpy' then!

    MaxAir vents are a must for us. They work just great.