Tuesday, March 20, 2012

California Dreaming…


We were on the road by 10:00 this morning, on a beautiful sunny, but a bit cool kind of day.  Great for travelling.  Last night it snowed big time up in the mountains just outside Palm Springs, and you can get the drift by the picture below… it is taken by Judy from the Motor Home Window, however… we have never seen the snow this low on the mountains.



By 12:30, we hit the Pacific Coast Highway, #1, and were heading north towards Malibu… what a sight the ocean was today.  It warmed up by the time we got here… below was the view out of our Motor Home while we enjoyed our lunch!


We took our time driving along the 4 lane highway, no one is really in a hurry here… and we came across Point Mugu State Park… it is beautiful.   We decided right away, to stop here for the night, as they have RV Parking, right on the OCEAN!   WHY NOT?  Check it out!  We arrived at 2:30 and paid the $25.00 fee to camp overnight.



A small ridge of mountains right behind the coach…


Happy hour was on the beach tonight, as we only were able to see a California Grey Whale, and her pup… 7 or 8 Dolphins, and a Sea Lion!   Not to mentions all kinds of birds flying around trying to catch their supper… what a spot!  Everyone should stop here for a night!


You have your own private beach, from the RV down to the Ocean, along with a fire can, so we bought some firewood and lit it up!  What a great night for a fire…


Pelicans below on the hunt for dinner… what a sight…


We felt very safe, as the Military were out on Patrol of the beach…


We really got feeling safe when the AWAC Plane flew overhead, keeping their electronic eye on the skies… yes, we are camped right beside Point Mugu NAWS (Naval Air Weapons Station). Last year, one of those big Helicopters crashed here at this base.


Not very good picture, but this is the best I could get of the Dolphins… could not get the Whales, or the Seal Lion, just too fast for me!


The waves picked up a bit this afternoon, as the tide came in…


What a beach we live on tonight!  Incredible views…


Oh ya, and then the sun decided to set!


As usual, the pictures just do not do it the right amount of justice…


If only I could have gotten the pelican to fly in front of the sun below for me… sigh….


Anyway, we totally enjoyed our afternoon down on the ocean… not sure what the plans are for tomorrow… but I bet they will be fun!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Been there done that and it is still awesome,thanks for the pics and memories!

  2. Haven't seen the ocean for years, makes me want to join you!

  3. Wow, can't believe the difference in your part of 101 today and ours! I guess we just aren't far enough south yet. Loved reading about your day since mine was rather gray

  4. now that is 'perfection' in my book!..are you sure you want to head north?

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  6. Wonder camping spot, enjoy the sights and safe travels.

  7. excellent looking private spot...great pictures...

  8. Sure looked like the perfect first night stop. Enjoyed the pictures.

  9. Beautiful photos ~ awesome views and a GREAT place to park... What more coould you ask for!!!
    Love the Pacific Coastal Highway!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. Nice scenery and a great location for an overnight. I do hope the weather heats up for your drive north towards San Fransisco.

    Amazing to see so much snow on the mountains surrounding Palm Springs.

  11. Hey Guys ... Thanks for blazing the trail for us next year !!

    Have fun and stay safe ...

    Take care ... TnT

  12. What a great spot. Great sunset pictures too.