Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing better than a Desert Birthday!

Yes, Judy celebrated her birthday today, in the Desert!  It was a terrific day, temperatures again up in the 80’s with nothing but sun again!  What a winter!

We enjoyed great skype phone calls from Gwenny in Woodstock, Ontario, and Paige and Emmie in Ottawa, Ontario!  Well, maybe they had their Mom and Dads with them too… Great to hear from them all!  Judy also received many phone calls and text messages wishing nothing but the best on her day!

We started the day with coffee and computers as usual, and then Judy wanted to go for a hike!  Why not…

With our picnic lunch all packed up we headed out to the South Carl Linden Trail.  We did this trail about 3 weeks ago, but the south half… today we did the north half.  Only one small problem… it was hot!


This trail offers commanding views of Palm Springs… probably the best views you can get in the Coachella Valley… I love it!  Here is the Birthday Girl starting the big climb.



You climb pretty fast on this trail…


We climbed up over 1,000 feet in elevation…


We got high enough to see over the top of the mountain, and got to look down into Tahquitz Canyon!  We did that hike 3 months ago… it was great!


Even though we were more than a mile away from the falls, we could hear them, and with a bunch of trick photography here they are…


We sat on a cliff to have lunch, and this was the view of Tahquitz Canyon that we had while we ate… incredible!  Your right, you did not want to fall!


On the way down we found some cactus in bloom… it was great!  It is Spring!




So what else do you do on a Birthday, you go out for Dinner of course!  We managed to convince Rick and Paulette, and Greg and Cindy to join at Lulu’s, in Palm Spring!


It is an open air restaurant, and it was a beautiful night to sit out!  We all enjoyed great food and fellowship!


Of course you had to have some Birthday cake!  What a perfect way to end the birthday!


Busy day over…

Till tomorrow…


  1. happy birthday, Judy!..glad you had a lovely day!!


    All The Best

  3. Looked like the perfect day from start to finish. Happy Birthday Judy! Our best wishes go out to you.

  4. Happy Birthday Judy, looks like another great celebration.

  5. Wow! That hike was one way to work up an appetite for dinner!

    We had a great time last night and thanks for inviting us to help celebrate Judy's birthday!

    Have a great trip up the California coast!

  6. Hi Judy. Sure glad to see you had an awesome Birthday ... You deserve it !!

    We would love to go on that hike next year, too.

    Take care ... TnT