Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everybody’s gone surfing… surfing USA

Well, we got up this morning around 7:00, the sun was coming up, we made a coffee, headed out to our chairs by the ocean, and decided to go absolutely nowhere!  We just wanted to stay and spend another day here at Thornhill Beach at Point Mugu.  What a spot…


We decided to off load the Burgman, from the Jeep, and head north on the Pacific Coast Highway for a drive, just to see what we could see!  It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.  The first City we came to was Oxnard… I had never heard of it, but 182,000 other people had heard of it that live here…  If you are sitting up in Canada, wondering where all the nice be red strawberries come from in the grocery store… look no further!  There are hundreds of acres of great strawberries here, and they were right in the middle of harvest time when we passed today!   What a sight, and smell!



We carried on through Oxnard, and soon hit the Town of Ventura, right on the ocean… nice trees on the streets here…


We stopped at Surfers point, and they were all “Surfing USA” here…


Don’t worry about all the fuzzy’s you see on these pics off of Judy’s camera, we will get around to replacing it soon, just having too much fun now… below is the beach at surfers point…


They charge everyone to park here, but we stopped in this zone below, as we wanted to just get a peek at the beach and the surfing…


We stopped and enjoyed lunch, and then headed back towards home base… but had to stop at Missile Park at Oxnard… remember, we are close to Point Mugu Naval Base, and they did this little park.  Below is a F-4 Phantom from the 1950’s… very popular back then…


They Tomcat was also very popular, 2 pilots, 2 engines, lots of go!


This is a Pegasus Missile, and they actually loaded mail on this one, and fired it from Point Mugu, and it landed at Edwards Air Force Base, and made it’s delivery!


Check out the great views we enjoyed driving back home…


We spent the afternoon, sitting out, enjoying the surf, and saw a couple whales go by, and 2 sea lions again… no dolphins!


Well, no dolphins, until the Camp Host knocked on our door just past supper, and said, “Hey, here comes a school of dolphins with babies, hunting dinner”… out we went!


We figured there was about 6 or 7 in the school, and they were very close to the shore…


What a great sight to see, they swam by us, turned around, and came back…


Never a dull moment in California!  Of course the sun set again tonight, but I showed you all that yesterday…


Will probably fire up the big DuraMax and head the rig north tomorrow… right along the coast!

Till tomorrow…


  1. yet another perfect day!..drive safely up the coast..enjoy the views!!

  2. I wouldn't want to leave there... GREAT photos.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. I know you will thoroughly enjoy the drive northward. There is so much to see and do along the coastal highway.

  4. Great pictures - there are certainly some gorgeous places on the California coast. When are you going to get out and catch a wave???

  5. Great photos! Looks like you're getting the best of the California coast - glad to see the weather's so good for you!