Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A great day at JT!

Wow, what a great day it turned out to be again today!  A bit of cloud cover in the morning, but the sun eventually won out!

Howard and I went down to enjoy the monthly “Men’s Breakfast” this morning, the last one of the season.  It is a great time, with pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, and coffee and juice for $5.00!  Lots of fellowship, and a guest speaker to boot!

However, our main plan was to head up to Joshua Tree National Park!  We had to break in Howard and Teri!  (Oh, ya, Teri is with one “R”)

Before you get to JT, you have to hit Pioneer Town!  So we did… Below is the most photographed Post Office in the U.S.A.! 


Why I found three tables with 3 typewriters, I don’t know…


This Town of course, was built in 1946, by Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, Jean Autry and some others… including the “Sons of Pioneers”!   Over 200 Duster’s were filmed here and a whole bunch of other stuff!


Judy and Teri were looking for the RBC ATM however could not find it!


Teri was checking out the Bath House… hmmmmmmmmm…..


Howard used to ride this type of wagon on the old home farm!


OK, so below is a piece of “mining equipment”… can anyone tell me what it does, as we could not figure it out… looked like some kind of press…


This pic below is for Kristina’s collection, it is the “stop” sign as you leave town…


We moved onto Joshua Tree after leaving Pioneer Town, and right away found some people rock climbing… one of the most popular activities in the Park…


Also, lots of crazy rocks in this Park…



I was looking for a longhorn sheep, but no, did not find one… again… however did find a picture…


I did find this guy below today though… he was enjoying a bit of sun and warm temps…


Below is a picture of the Barker Dam in the Park, however now water!  Last year it was full!


Teri and Howard checking out the dam below…


I just liked this picture below of the rock and tree….


Found this great Scrub Jay below…


As Ed Sullivan would say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Beatles”…


We made it out to “Keyes View” and found the Salton Sea!


After Keyes View, we decided to head for the hills, but we stopped at “Cap Rock” that you see below!  What a rock!

P3054413 - Copy

We “capped’ off the day with a great hot tub, and dinner… can life get any better!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Nice way to start the day with that breakfast. Never have made the trip over to Pioneer Town before looks like an interesting little place. Enjoyed the pictures of the different rocks and the Salton Sea shot.

  2. No offense, but it's Gene Autry.

  3. Quite the full day you guys had up in Yucca Valley country.

    Love Pioneer Town and Joshua Tree. I bet your visitors did too!

  4. John and Judy.
    You are giving us such great tips.
    We are now bound and determined to do that drive before we leave here.
    Thanks !!

  5. John and Judy.
    You are giving us such great tips.
    We are now bound and determined to do that drive before we leave here.
    Thanks !!

  6. I believe that old piece of mining equipment is an old Heildelberg printing press, I used to see a lot of them in print shops before I left the printing business.