Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I left my heart… in “San Francisco”…

Talk about a whirl wind tour of San Francisco… wow… what a day.

We hit the road by 8:00 this morning, on a bit of an overcast, cooler type of day.  We decided to take the coastal highway #1 all the way from where we are staying, into San Fran.  It was a great drive…


What a beautiful coast it is…


We got into San Francisco around 11:00 after taking our time getting there… it is also a bit of a stress ball driving around there!  We headed right to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we boarded a tour bus that Judy arranged some 1/2 price tickets for on the internet!  Great tour!  2 hours long, took you all over San Fran.


or we could have taken the Segway tour????


You wouldn’t come to San Fran without going by the Original Mel’s Drive-in…


This is the hill that Steve McQueen came barreling down catching air in the movie “Bullet”…


George Lucas bought these building below form the military, and stores all of the Star Wars Movie stuff in…


Walt Disney Studios own the buildings below, and have a museum here for Families.


Probably one of the most popular bridges in the world below…  The Golden Gate Bridge!



Along with the famous Island of Alcatraz!


Terrific view of the skyline from near the bridge.



Golden Gate Park below… great spot!


Botanical Gardens in the park…


Next on the list, was the famous Haight Ashbury District… where all the Hippies hung out!


Below is one of the original Hippies… he was yelling something about have some grass for sale, but I didn’t see any sod????


This home below, is the house that Jimmy Hendricks owned!  Still in great shape…


That is a mural on the wall of Jimmy…


Oh dear… don’t know what this is below, but I think she is stuck!


Yup, some sketchy places here for sure…


But then you come across some nice Victorian Homes worth a bundle…


These six homes below, are the most photographed place in the City… one just sold for over 2 million.


This is the top of City Hall below, and is made of 24 Karat Gold!



Lots of neat trees in the City…


There are lots of the famous streetcars in San Francisco!


We ended up back down at the Wharf area, and I really liked this VW Bus Restaurant!


We tried to get a tour out to Alcatraz, this view below is from the Wharf area, however it was all sold out!


The prison closed in 1963 due to lack of money and a decaying facility, but is now a big tourist trap of course!


Bet you thought we wouldn’t see any Sea Lion’s today, right!  You were wrong!


I stopped by this place below, and said “hello’ to George!  He is a great guy!  I think he may be in the movies… not sure.


We didn’t get back to the RV until about 8:00 tonight, both of us whipped tourist’s for sure!  It was a great day, but not near long enough to see it all!  Have to come back!

Till tomorrow…


  1. those half price tickets sure gave you the whirlwind tour of SanFran!..nice photo of the Golden Gate..perfectly centered and no fog!!

  2. You prolly wouldn't have gotten those nice pics from the segue tour... or been able to retain your dignity...

  3. Thanks for the wonderful tour, looks like you had a great day.

  4. Little do you know that you just laid out our tour of San Fran. We will be there sometime in May.
    We were there 30 years ago and didn't get to see Alcatraz. I hope I can get us tickets this time.
    I love the photo of the six homes. Excellent shot.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day! ~wheresweaver.

  5. Thanks for the great tour of San Francisco and the fantastic photos. We took the bus tour as well so your pics brought back a lot of great memories of those beautiful old homes and other sites.

    It's o.k. to leave your 'heart' in S.F., just don't leave your wallet!

  6. That was a whirlwind tour of San Fransisco. It is a beautiful city and your photos did it justice.

  7. You really should get a commission for your tour guiding, because we have a notebook full of ideas after reading your blog the past couple of weeks.

    Great work, John and Judy !!

    Safe travels ... TnT

  8. Wow, you sure packed a lot into one day. Thanks for the tour and for all the great pictures.