Friday, March 16, 2012

The winds are back in the desert again…

Not really sure why we are in California today, when back in good old Toronto, it was 20 deg. C. today!  What is that all about???? Unheard of for this time of year.

Went out to the flying field this morning, and my home made Fusion had a mind of its own for some reason, took off by itself, (not good) and crashed!  I paid $9.99 for the aircraft receiver, (made in China) and I got what I paid for!  It is not good, and is junk!  Had to rebuild the plane again today, but now it is far too windy to try it out, so it will wait.

Made it into Palm Desert today for a wee bit of shopping, and one final stop at good old Uncle Don’s!  Only a small part today, but they were sad to hear I was leaving this area!

Judy and I enjoyed lunch at one of my favourite spots down here… good old Del Taco!  Reasonable price, lots of food, say no more!  This one is over by Wal-Mart on Monterey in Ranch Mirage.


Judy had barly scarfed down her Burrito when she noticed a Super Cuts, and ran to get her hair done… on the way out of Super Cuts, wow, the Mirage Nails and Spa right next door!  In she heads to have a pedicure done!  Perfect day to do so, as no one was in either location really… go figure, on a Friday afternoon. 


Judy was all excited to get her feet done, and declared she is good for a month now!  I declined the invitation to get mine done… maybe I should have????


Sat back enjoying the rest of the afternoon, talking to friends and neighbours… perfect way to spend Friday Afternoon!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Dang, John, sorry to hear about your airplane, but the good news is you are VERY experienced at repairs ... lol.

    Loved Judy's pedi ...

    Take care ... TnT

  2. good for Judy I also did the pedi thing yesterday with our was a great experience..I tried to send rick over for one but he wouldn't go....he'll never know what he missed....sorry about the plane..hopefully you'll have it rebuilt in no time

  3. "I declined the invitation to get mine done… maybe I should have????"

    Maybe you should have posted a photo of YOUR toes so we could answer that question LOL!! Judy's look great...

  4. Good call on not going for a pedicure, John!

    The winds are here to help blow us home, I guess!

  5. such pretty toes, Judy!.now John you really should have gone too.. a pretty shade of pink would have looked lovely and gone so well with your tan!

  6. OK, warm desert wind v. cold rainy winds here in northern CA! Which is worse?

    All kinds of nasty weather as we head homeward.

    Too bad about the cheap Chinese control and the premature crash.

  7. Sorry to hear about your plane...

    Pretty toes ~ I had my hair & toes done the day before... It makes us feel so good to be pampered!

    Have fun & Travel safe