Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now I know, it is your FAULT!

Holy Cow… the desert winds retuned with a vengeance today!  Big time wind!  But, that is life in the desert!

This morning was beautiful, and I managed to get out to the flying field for a couple hours of great flying, as there was no wind at all.  Had a good time with all my flying buddies, and all planes returned to the hanger intact!

After flying, we decided to take Howard and Teri over to the 1000 Palm Oasis.  We have been here on numerous hikes and enjoy this spot!

Whoa… the pic below is a little on the blurry side… however took it with the smart phone. (Guess it is not so smart after all…) Teri is fanning herself with the big leaf palm branches at the Oasis.  It was a beautiful morning there.


Below Howard is trying to work his way into the Palm Tree… it didn’t work… that stuff is real tuff.


As the Oasis is right on the San Andreas Fault, this bench we figured was spanning the fault line!  Look what happened to it! 


Howard and Teri were on the Resort tour this afternoon.  It was very windy, so we took life very easy! 

I have to welcome 4 recent blog followers to RVlifeonwheels, Jan Goldfield, Trent and Teresa, Juliein Oregon, and Brooke have all signed up! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Yes the wind returning with a vengeance here in Eastern Arizona as well, but still sunny and warm.

  2. That was some windstorm yesterday. It's supposed to stop this morning....but!!!

  3. Thank you for the big welcome, John !!
    We haven't done any hiking since getting here last week.
    This one is now on our list !!
    Take care ... Tnt