Monday, March 5, 2012

Just another Pleasant Valley Sunday!

You could not get a nicer day than today!  Period!  No clouds, all sun, warm temps… Howard and Terri say they brought this with them from Ontario… yeah, right…

We all enjoyed going to Chapel this morning, and it was packed! 

This afternoon, we decided to take a run over to the Cabot Museum in DHS.  I have reported to you all on this museum before, but it was great to be able to show it to Howard and Terri.  As I am sure you all remember, Cabot, discovered the DHS Hot Springs, back in 1913! 


Lots of great cactus plants at the museum…


Terri wanted to have a pictures with her and the Saguaro’s… and some weird pyramid thingee…


Howard is rubbing some Aloe on a few scratches on his legs…


This is a great shot of Mount Jacinto with Cabot’s Pueblo in the foreground…


Below is a bunch of tourist in the cactus garden…


Below is a frontal shot of Cabot’s home he built in the desert… he was able to claim 160 acres for $10.00!


This gentleman below is from Mexico, and was a pottery artist… he put on a great demonstration of how he puts a pottery piece in a home made kiln…


He covered the potter bowl above, with a steel can, and then built a fire around it… it made the bowl turn right black… this pottery bowl took about 50 days in total to produce and would sell for about $250.00.   It was great to watch…


Below a Native Flute Player, entertained us all afternoon!


This evening, we had tickets to go and catch a performance of the Palm Springs High School Jazz Band that performed at out Resort… they were simply excellent.  They are planning a trip to Scotland in a month or so, and used this performance as a fund raiser… it worked, as $1,400.00 was raised from a free will offering by the crowd!

Till tomorrow…



  1. Yes the most perfect weather and so nice to enjoy it, seeing some sites along the way.

  2. Yes the most perfect weather and so nice to enjoy it, seeing some sites along the way.

  3. Enjoyed your tour and pictures. you certainly are keeping busy. Have a great week with your family!

  4. Yesterday was the best day ever wasn't it !!
    We did not know about the Cabot Museum here, thank you John for the tip !!
    Take care ... TnT