Friday, March 23, 2012

What is that fancy new device…???…

Well, being that this is a picture of the deceased Steve Jobs, holding one of his fancy iPad’s, it must mean we have a new iPad!


Judy’s computer has been a little bit iffy lately, so we decided that maybe a new device would be in order to enhance our current devices… plus a few other reasons…

One reason is the portability of the iPad… this thing is a great size, and very easy to hold and use…

Battery life… last more than 10 hours on a charge!

New Camera … we bought the new iPad 3 and it has an amazing camera built in!

GPS… big reason for us… we can use the iPad in the cab of the RV/Jeep, and it tracks you live, and you can see the “Big Picture” right on the screen in front of you!  Big Plus!  We tried it out today, and it works great!

iPad 3 also has an enhanced screen with amazing detail in things like pictures and text!

So these are some of the good reasons to get an iPad 3. Oh, ya, did I mentioned it has a blazing fast processor!

The one we bought, also is capable of using the new 4G network, plus WiFi to pick up internet signals… for the time being, we will not be hooking up to the 4G network, maybe down the road.


We bought the black one… we also bought it at the Apple Store in Monterey, Ca. and they were amazing.  Our Associate spent 2 1/2 hours with us on the set up of this new device!  Great support!

We also bought Apple TV so we can display the iPad on our HD TV in the Rig, with no wires! 

Went for a drive and tried out the GPS feature, and also took a couple pictures for you around Monterey!

All of the pictures below were taken with the new iPad… in the first picture, check out the couple behind Judy in the picture… they are taking pictures with their iPad!  No way!






We decided today to stay here for 1 week, and will use this as our home base to make day trips!  Will hit San Francisco and other places from here… looking forward to it, if we can ever put that darn iPad down!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Congrats! I love your new purchase! Thanks for showing the pics it can take too. As, for SF have some clam chowder and sourdough bread at Fisherman's Wharf for me please! I miss it so much!

  2. I have the original iPad and will upgrade soon. We have the 3G hooked up all the time. Very handy when traveling down the road. We take it most places we go and it is just so handy to look up restaurants, routes, stores, etc. plus, I can play games all the way home!

  3. Glad to see that you enjoyed highway 1 so much. We loved it as well. Today we drove highway 1 from Santa Cruz north to the golden gate bridge and went as far north as Ukiah. So glad you can spend a week exploring the City.

  4. I am officially jealous! Your new iPad takes great pictures judging from the ones on your blog.

    Good choice on going for the 'new iPad' too.

    Have fun touring Monterey and San Francisco - 2 our our favourite places.

  5. enjoy the new toy!!!!..I am sure it will a ton of fun!

  6. We use NavFree Canada and NavFree USA on our iPad. Works great and we do not need a wifi connection. Free downloads.

  7. I want one. I want both - iPad and Apple TV. Lucky you! Enjoy the new toys (necessities?).

  8. Now that looks like a another great device, have fun. Takes great pictures too.

  9. If you enjoy your new toy as much as I have enjoyed my BB Playbook since Christmas, you'll hardly ever put it down.
    Gerard & Deb

  10. That is a really nice addition to your RVing lifestyle. Great photo quality, awesome applications, and super speedy are all good reasons to consider one of these in the future.

    Continued good fun in the Bay area of San Fransisco. To golf at Pebble Beach would go a long way to filling up your bucket, n'est ce pas? LOL

    It is such a beautiful area. Say hi to Clint Eastwood when you visit Carmel.