Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out playing with TnT

Oooppsss… no, we were not out playing around with dynamite… this afternoon we headed into Palm Springs to visit fellow Canadian Bloggers/RVers Trent and Teresa!


TnT hail from Regina, Saskatchewan, and have been travelling down south here since last October!   They decided they had enough of work at the time, and needed to  be out playing with all the other RVers!

We drove into to visit them at The Outdoor Resort, Palm Springs, where they have been staying the past week.  This is a very exclusive RV Resort in this area, for sure!  Below is the security pass Judy and I needed to enter to visit!


What a resort!  As we drove along Ramon Street, we came up to the wonderful entrance area…



No shortage of Palm Trees and Flowers here…


This is the site they have, surrounded by Palm Trees, and a great lemon tree!


TnT put on a terrific lunch for us today, as we sat out and enjoyed beautiful weather.


After lunch we took a driving tour of the Resort… over 1,200 RV’s are parked here! Amazing… It also includes an 18 hole golf course, and a separate 9 hole course! 


Check out the RV’s below backing onto the Golf Course…


Every where I looked there was flowers growing, and workers keeping every thing pristine!


This is an ownership Resort.  You buy your lot, and they range in price from $50,000 to $150,000 in price.  You also have to pay a monthly maintenance fee.  Below is an empty lot up for sale…   Owners are allowed to rent their space out.


First class facilities all through this Resort.



We were also out walking about… you have to stop and smell the roses sometimes…


This Resort certainly has that WOW Factor… this place simply drips of elegance!


Many thanks Trent and Teresa, for hosting Judy and I this afternoon.  We enjoyed!  It was nice to get to know you both… I know we will run into you two again in our travels! 

I know many of our faithful readers probably are asking the question “What happened to pics of the Grand’s???”  

Well, here is one of Gwenny I found on her Mom’s blog today… yes, she is growing up!  Looks like they were out shopping!  She is now 8 months old!


Not to be out done… Paige and Emmie recently received the Royal Treatment at Disney on Ice in Ottawa.


Yes, all the kid’s are doing great, and it will soon be time to head back to Ontario to see them all!

A big welcome to Sara, Nancy, and Geo, our 3 most recent blog followers!  Welcome aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. That's a pretty fancy resort - the only drawback I've seen is that they seem to hate pets! Lots of rules and restrictions.

    Cute pics of the grands! They're growing up too fast!

  2. that sure looks pretty darn fancy!..and as Rick said, no pets?..guess they don't have two fancy dog parks like they do at the Sands?

  3. WOW factor is right ~ what a beautiful park. Glad you got to meet such nice bloggin buddies...Grands are adorable!
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. Hi John and Judy ... We had a great time getting to know you better !!

    Safe travels and I just know we will see you down the road.

    PS - Watch out for those propellers !!

  5. Hey, Rick !!

    You are right, the biggest complaint about this park, is they seem to be non-pet friendly.

    Dogs are not allowed on any grassy areas, and the one very small dog area is simply four caged runs, at the far end of the park.

    Please don't tell Molly and Rylie about these atrocities !!

  6. wow sure is a wow factor what a gorgeous resort...the grands sure are growing...