Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ketchup day…

After yesterday’s wild day of touring up in San Francisco… today the agenda was a lot less strenuous for sure!  This morning we took life easy, talking to family and friends on good old skype.  I sure like using skype a lot better now that we can use Apple TV.

Some regular RV maintenance routines also filled the morning time.  This afternoon, we had to go out and about for a few things.  Yesterday, while making some toast for my breakfast, all of a sudden our toaster started fizzling and looked like it was ready to catch fire.  Lucky for us, I was right there, and was quickly able to pull the power cord from the wall.  We didn’t even look at the toaster, just pitched it in the garbage.  So, a new toaster was on our shopping list for today.

First it was off to Midas in the Town of Seaside, who did a complete oil change on our Jeep, along with doing a full shake down of all mechanical items for $34.95.  Good service, just don’t know why it now takes an hour to do an oil change… seemed a bit long, however…  Passed!  Whew…

While waiting for the Jeep, we toured Staples Store, and picked up a fancy new leather holder for our iPad.  Fits great!

On the way home this afternoon, Judy did a bit of internet research, and found one of our favourite Restaurant’s right here in Marina, Ca.  Papa Murphy’s!  This is a great Pizza place, and is only “Take and Bake”.  If you have not been to one, put it on your list!  We picked up a large pizza, loaded, for $12.95.  You have to see how many ingredients they put on it!  Wish they were up in Ontario!  What a business opportunity for someone!  (No, they did not pay me for this plug!)


After we made it home and unloaded, I felt I needed some exercise, so we headed off to the Pacific Ocean!  Why not!  What a great place to walk… Our access is directly down onto the fully sand beach… check it out below.  It reminds me of the lovely sand beach up on the east shores of Lake Huron, at Sauble Beach, Ont., as we walk the sand beach with our good friends Deb and Gerard!  They have a great cottage that I have blogged about many times there.  Gerard is facing some personal health matters, and seems to be doing very well!  Keep it up Gerard!  (I know your reading!)


One of the biggest differences between the beaches, is that you cannot drive your vehicle on this one, like you can at Sauble Beach.  Sauble does not quite have the breaker though, that hit the beach here!


That was about it for the day here.  Only a couple days left here, before we hit the road again… can’t let the Dura Max sit around idle for too long!  Big plans made today for future travel, and you will have to hang in there to figure out what they are!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Ahhhh, John, you can't leave us hanging there wondering what your future travel plans are !!

    Put Judy on the keyboard, she'll tell us !!

    We sure wish we were still in Cali with you guys ...

    Safe travels, TnT

  2. That beach looks great. Sounds like you are really enjoying it. We love Papa Murphy's...great price and good pizza...

  3. Never heard of Papa Murphy’s. We will have to give the place a try. We love pizza. Safe Travels. ~whereweaver

  4. we have Papa Murphy's here ..now we will have to try it!..as for driving on the beach?..it is allowed in Oregon!..go one more state north and I see a run on the beach in the Jeep in your future!!

  5. Thanks for mentioning us and our Sauble Beach and cottage on your blog. Looking forward to seeing you there again this summer.
    Gerard & Deb

  6. Hadn't heard of Papa Murphy's before either, sounds like a neat concept for selling pizza. Just love the beaches in the area your staying. Looking forward to hearing about your plans.

  7. A little restful break is good too. Looking forward to your future journeys.