Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too many lemons!

WOW… that is all I can say about our weather lately… another fantastic day here in the desert.  Lots of sun, and it must have been getting close to 90 Degrees F. here this afternoon at the peak.

When we were visiting Trent and Teresa the other day at Outdoor Resort, they had a lemon tree on their lot, and were encouraged by the owners to pick the lemons or they simply go bad when they hit the ground.   Judy took a couple bags and gave one to Greg and Cindy!

Today it was so warm, we needed to make lemonade!  Judy is squeezing them here to obtain the juice…


It was a bit of work, but by adding some sugar, and some water, I had to think this was the best lemonade I have drank in a while… our neighbour Gene came over, and soon put down a glass of it with me, with no complaints!  For a 1st, Judy did a pretty good job!  When Judy was squeezing them, you should have smelt the inside of the RV… just like standing out in an orchard!


Greg and Cindy were off visiting friends in Palm Springs this afternoon, so Judy and I were charged with the job of taking Angee and Big Dog out for an evening walk… it was just a perfect night to do so!


I forgot to thank Mike I. who identified the below item that we found up at Pioneer Town, as a Heildleburg Printing Press, as he used to work in the Printing Business!  Makes sense to me now when I think about that!


I had a blast this morning out at the flying field, putting in about 2 1/2 hours of good flying… time is coming to an end though, as we plan to leave DHS next Monday!

A big welcome to gypsy 68, our latest blog follower.  Welcome to RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Oh man, now I'm hankering for lemonade! Yum.

  2. Lemonade made with fresh squeezed lemons is the best... like liquid sunshine. Yum!

  3. pour us a couple of glasses of the fresh squeezed lemonaide, please!.
    nice of you to 'dog sit'!..those are mighty 'big dawgs'!!

  4. Nothing quite like fresh squeezed lemon aid!

  5. Did you put gin in it?

  6. Hey, John and Judy ... We thought it was the best lemonade as well.

    Can you believe how easy they were to squeeze the juice from ??

    PS- We used the EXACT same pitcher for our lemonade.

    Take care ... TnT