Sunday, March 18, 2012

One last day at DHS…

I wish I could tell you it was a terrific hot sunny day here at DHS, however that certainly was not the case… only about 59 deg. F. and on the chilly side… and it rained!  It never rains here 2 days in a row, but it did!  Crazy… what is going on in this world??? 

This morning we headed down to the Chapel Service… and I was surprised there was still about 300 people out!  When the Chaplin asked everyone, “put you hand up if you are leaving here this week???” a whole lot of people put their hands up!  I could not believe it!

Later in the morning, Judy wanted to go to COD and get some raisins… California resins…  she loves them, so off we went… picked up a few other items as well, why not!

You could tell the number of venders were down this week, as it was rainy and cool.

COD Palm Springs 2012

Fancy Art Work at COD

This afternoon was all about the RV, and getting ready to leave here tomorrow.  Lots of things to do, put away all our temporary stuff that sits out… took off the wheel protectors, put away the BBQ, and the biggest job, loaded up the Burgman on the back of the Jeep!  We are all set!  Just have to drop the two satellite dishes in the morning and dump the tanks!

This evening was all about our good friends, Greg and Cindy.  We met these two Americans last year, and we have had a blast with them.  Tonight they came over and we enjoyed refreshments, and then headed into Palm Springs for dinner.

We decided to hit Palermo’s New York Pizza again… this has become one of our favourites here in Palm Springs…



Now this may seem crazy to you, but this is a one man operation!  Max Palermo owns and runs this restaurant by himself!  His food is excellent, and he is a wee bit on the wild side, but you are entertained the whole night!  We had a great time!



The sign below says “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life!”   So true!


So tomorrow, we are off, and heading west towards Los Angeles, and the Pacific Coast.  Where we end up tomorrow night, who know??? We will have to see… we have a few ideas, and the final backup is Wal-Mart!  (Just kidding…)

Till tomorrow…


  1. Travel safe and let's hope the weather is better by the time you hit the passes.

  2. Safe travels tomorrow morning! Hope the weather is much better.

    Thanks for the tip on Palermo's - we may check that out this week before we head home.

  3. safe travels to you both as you continue your adventure!!!

  4. All the best in your travels home. Big difference there this year from last year. So far, no big build up of snow. Bonus. Not sure when we're headed out but probably in about 2 weeks.

  5. Hard to believe it's that time already. Safe travels to you both.

  6. It seems like you were on your way south just a few days ago. Where has this winter gone?

    Safe travels and enjoy your return route.

  7. Travel safe and enjoy the ride!!!

  8. Safe travels, friends, and have a ball on the way home !!

    Hope the weather cooperates for all us snowbirds heading home.

    Take care ... TnT