Sunday, March 11, 2012

A easy Sunday in the Desert…

Turned out to be another great day in the desert, probably up in the 80’s somewhere today, with a lovely morning with little wind, so that meant a lot of flying time out on the field!  Had a couple mishaps today, but that is life in the air… nothing that a bit of glue and time won’t cure!

This afternoon we went into Desert Hot Springs, with our RV Neighbours, Greg and Cindy, along with their Daughter Nichole, who just flew in from Washington State for a couple days of R and R.  Greg and Cindy are looking at buying a home in DHS, and we tagged along to take a peak!


Real Estate is a real bargain down here right now, with this 2,000 plus sq. ft. home listed at $136,000.00!  It has 4 bedrooms, an open concept floor plan, a nice pool and hot tub in the all fenced back yard, plus a RV parking space on the left of the property behind the fence!  What a deal!  It was fun taking a tour through and checking it all out!  Time will tell for Greg and Cindy!

Till tomorrow…



  1. Saw a cadillac this morning towing a trailer with a remote control airplane painted on the side. They were headed out to the flying field here in Apache Junction. $136K for that place is definitely a great deal.

  2. that house sounds like a real deal..sure seems like a 'no brainer' to me considering what the cost of real estate is here in BC!!

  3. Looks like an awesome deal for the house.

  4. Wowzers! Does it come with a job and a green card by chance?

  5. $136K wouldn't even buy a nice condo at home in Victoria. Looks like a nice buy.

  6. Great price on that home.

    The weather has been pretty darned nice too.

  7. Wow what a GREAT deal...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. The deal is really great!! The house is looking awesome. Real Estate Agent in Desert Hot Springs