Wednesday, March 7, 2012

California’s Big Bang Theory comes to life…

We still had enough wind left over today to keep me away from the flying field, and the fleet of planes locked in the hanger.

Turned out to be a nice day anyways, and we did have a plan for activities!

As I have mentioned before, Howard and Teri are “Car People”… they love and collect old cars.  I think their favourite one is their 1915 Model T Ford.  Below is a picture of Judy and Howard in the Car, just before we left to come to the south west for the winter!  It is a great car, that they bought in California…



Howard did a bit of research, and found a Model T Garage and Shop, in Corona, California!  Corona is located over by Riverside, and is only about 70 miles from DHS, so hey, ROADTRIP TIME!

Teri and Judy decided to hit the big shopping malls in Riverside, while Howard and I went to the Garage.  We hit Riverside right at lunch time, and Judy mentioned she saw on the internet, that there was a Cheese Cake Factory located here!  Right away I asked if “Penny” worked there!  Penny, of course is one of the cast of “The Big Bang Theory”, a very popular TV show.  Penny is employed by The Cheese Cake Factory, and a lot of the show is shot in the Restaurant!

Wow, the one we were in today was terrific!  I loved it!  Even if Penny did not serve us!  I had a California Omelette and it was fantastic.  We all enjoyed it!

Soon the Gals were off for the shopping and Howard and I left for Corona… the pic below is of the Desert Showcase, that Teri and Judy are checking out… sorry for the lousy cell phone picture…


It took a few minutes to find the Garage, that was on a Residential Street, hiding behind a house!  I thought we were in the wrong place at first, but was I wrong!  What a business!


By 1927 Henry Ford, had rolled over 15 Million Model T’s off the line.  There are a lot of people that still collect and run them.  The Gentleman running this Garage has a collection of parts second to none, and I knew as soon as I seen Howard’s eyes light up, we were in trouble!

There were racks and racks of parts for the Model T!


If they did not have a part for you, this Garage simply made it!  What a spot!



Below Howard is checking out one of the Project Cars the Owner is working on… the Garage Owner, told us this car was used in Golden, Ca. for road building purposes, and actually carried TNT up to the workers, by one of their Wives!   I think I would have problems getting Judy to drive this car full of dynamite!


I think you could build a complete car from all his parts… Howard talked to the Owner for quite a while and enjoyed every minute of it!



Of course there was a big old picture of Henry Ford on the wall!


Howard ending up buying a new windshield frame, and all the mounting hardware for his car… something very hard to find anywhere!


We had a great day before heading back through the Banning Pass towards DHS, and of course I got to play with my camera a bit while driving by the wind mills.  (Oh, Howard was driving…)



Welcome to GEO, our latest RVlifeonwheels Blog Follower, good to have you along!


Just another great day in California!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Wow all those model T parts, is sure amazing! What a great day trip.

  2. Looks like both the guy's and the girls had a great day. You were in my neighborhood we live about a mile further up main from Chaffin's Garage.

  3. My hubby is a Chevy guy but even he would be impressed with that garage. We love Big Bang Theory and it really is too bad that Penny wasn't there to serve you.

  4. Wow, what a great discovery to find that Garage !!
    And now Howard knows where he can find more parts.
    Maybe you will have to bring them home for Howard ... lol.
    Take care, TnT