Thursday, March 1, 2012

The winds were blowing again in the desert!

Once again the winds were up today in the desert, however it was still a very nice day temperature wise! 

No flying this morning, so I was outside enjoying the sunshine, and cleaning up the Jeep and the RV… that took most of my morning, as Judy enjoyed the pool and exercises.  The winds really cranked up by noon, and remained all afternoon.

While Judy was doing cleaning, I was doing computer learning!  Most bloggers use Picasa’s Photo Program to manage and post photos to their blogs… everyone except me that is… so today, I spent a bit of time with the great online tutorials that Google has to learn how to use the program!  Why not!

So here is my learning from today.  Below is a cropped picture that I too a couple days ago when Judy and I were hiking in Palm Springs.  Check it out…

I thought it was a pretty good picture, and posted it as such. 


I took a look at this picture in Picasa’s Program, and learned that if I hit the “I feel Lucky” button, it might enhance my photo… so what do you think below…


I think it makes a huge difference, for the hitting of ONE button on the computer… I will now be doing more of my pictures in Picasa, trying to fool all you readers into thinking that I am a fantastic Photographer!   I got messing around a bit more, and check out the same picture below with some special effects added… this is a very powerful program, and I will certainly be spending more time with this one, and it is FREE to boot!


Well, we are off for LAX tomorrow morning to pick up Judy’s Brother, Howard and his Wife, Terri.  They are coming to visit for a week from Ontario, and flying in on Air Canada.  We also have tickets to go and watch tomorrow’s Tonight Show, with Jay Lenno so we might be a bit late coming back tomorrow, and may not be able to post… we will see.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Post production work on photos is one of my favorite things to do. Your enhanced photo of Judy is a good example of how photos can be improved. Have fun.

  2. i used to use picasa now i use iphoto on my mac..I might revert I'm not tecky and this iphoto drives me nuts at time....have a super visit !!!

  3. I've been using the photo tweaking enhancements of Picasa for a few years now - love it. 'I'm Feeling Lucky' is one of the best tweaks for sure.

    O.K. enough is enough, the wind can stop anytime now!!

  4. Wow that sure did make a difference! I use Picasa when I'm going to send a lot of pictures. I'll have to check this out too.

  5. have fun learning all the ins and outs of Picasa..soon you will be doing slide shows and collages too..Rick is only an email away..he is a great teacher when it comes Picasa!..sure helped me out in the beginning!

  6. Good work with Picasa. I use it too.

    Enjoy the Jay Lenno TV broadcast.