Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our last day on the Pacific Coast!

Yes, all good things must come to an end… tomorrow we leave Mariana, Ca., and will be heading east… about 1 month from now and yes, we will be back into Ontario!  Where has the time gone!

We had an iPad Skype call tonight from our friends Tom and Cheryl, in Richmond Hill…(aka Richman’s Hill).  They just got back home from a Florida trip in which they enjoyed good weather, and are working towards full time RVing soon!  So, of course you have to start a blog!  You can catch them at  and see what they have been up to!  Don’t everyone hit they link at once though, we wouldn’t want to bring the system down!

We will start off tonight with a picture of me standing down on the beach last night… we ended up with a bunch of rain falling out of that black cloud behind me, but not until we got back to the RV.  I would not have gotten wet though, as I am modelling a new weather proof jacket that I bought while touring San Francisco the other day!  You need one around here when the weather gets a bit wet!


This afternoon we headed into Monterey.  Judy wanted to visit a park… a special one!  This Heron was waiting for us when we got to the park… he is majestic!


Yes, we hit the Dennis the Menace Playground.  It is a bit famous, as Hank Ketchum, who created the character, Dennis the Menace, spearheaded the construction of this park around the Dennis the Menace theme.  I assume he lived in or near Monterey. 



The park was dedicated back in 1956, and is still in good shape today, as it is being upgraded and maintained.  It is also right on a water way, in Monterey, so we though we might get the kayaks wet!



It turned out nice and warm, and a bit of sun came out this afternoon, and the water was nice and calm…


There is a small island near the park that we boated out to, and this egret lived out there… lots of birds live here, great spot!


Ya, we went under the bridge below…



Judy was the photographer today, and here we are landing to end our trip…


Lots of fun today, and we headed back to the RV for some work, as we loaded the Burgman on the Jeep, and got a bunch of other duties completed to help us get out of here in the morning… we will now turn east, and keep going until we get back to Ontario! 

Spent some time on the phone this morning with Ma Bell back in Ontario, and will probably get our new iPad added to our existing Smart Phone account, so will be surfing the new

4G Network at blazing fast speeds maybe soon!  Also looked into possible Verizon plans in the States for next winter!    Gotta have your technology!

And we have to welcome “Where’s Weaver” tonight as our latest blog follower… welcome to RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow…


  1. a great last day on the beach!!..nice modelling of the new rain jacket!

  2. We are in the process of looking for a water proof jacket each. We are headed for San Fran and then up the coast to Oregon and Washington. Everyone says that that type of jacket is a must. Don't have to tell us twice!
    Thanks for the nice welcome. ~wheresweaver

  3. Looks like another great day on the coast, but time to head back to Ontario, we have been heading there for the last month.