Sunday, March 25, 2012

We got to play at Pebble Beach!

Well, OK, so I have to qualify that header statement… many people may think that we golfed the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course, but no, we got to play on Pebble Beach –the Beach!  It was a nice day on the coast, and we got out to enjoy it!  It probably turned out better than what they had predicted!

We started off by going down to Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterey!  What a great spot!

Judy found some flowers of course!


Fisherman’s is a great place to visit, lots of shops, lots to see and do… lots of boats, you can take a whale watching tour, go fishing, or just watch the Harbour Seals play all day…



After we left the Wharf, we headed to the Cannery Section of Monterey.  It is also on the Sea, just up from the Wharf… a lot more shops, things to do, aquarium, etc… This whole area is geared to the tourist!


We decided to have “fish and chips” for lunch, and we chose this restaurant below…



We scored a great window seat in the restaurant, and this was our view looking out the window from our table! 


Did i mention we found some seals??? Ya, like a couple hundred of them… they were all over the Wharf area, and all along the coast during our tour today…



Here are some more pictures of our trip around the Ocean Drives at Monterey today… it is incredible!


Today we extended the Ocean Drive, by taking what is known here as “The 17 Mile Drive”.  You have to pay $9.50 to take this drive… but it was worth it!  Incredible views of the beaches and Ocean.


I loved this pic below of the Cyprus Tree, on it’s own little island…


Of course the famed Pebble Beach Golf Course is right along the 17 Mile Drive, along with a couple other courses… Poppy Hill, and Spyglass to name a couple.


Judy was checking out the Ocean here for temperatures, but it was a bit hard with the waves… there are big signs up warning you to stay away from rocks and water, to avoid being carried out to sea… you don’t want that to happen!


Below is one of the many many homes along the Ocean… Million Dollar homes I am sure… we drove right down to Carmel on the Sea, home of Clint Eastwood! 


This beach below is in Carmel…


There was lots of this today…


and this…




We watched some major breakers hit the beach today and the rocks… what a sight!  We enjoyed!


I cannot forget to wish a Happy Birthday, to our Granddaughter Paige tonight!  We had a great iPad Skype call with her and her Family this afternoon.  Judy took a picture of her on Apple TV,  opening some presents we sent.  She is in Ottawa and we miss them all!  She wants to be a Princess!  Paige is now 2 years old!


Just another great day that we enjoyed today… tomorrow we may be on a road trip up to San Francisco if the weather holds… so far, so good!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Beautifullll pictures....the seals are sweet is darling Paige....have a super week

  2. Looks as though you had another beautiful day on the ocean! I love that area, I just don't like driving around there.

  3. You two are making me think twice about my choice to avoid the iPad. The Apple TV and Skype looks pretty darn nice@

  4. Happy Birthday to Paige!!.the cypress tree on the island is one of the nicest pictures I have seen of the coastline!!..great job!!

  5. Loved all the photos ~ especially all the seals... Looks like a great drive!
    Have fun

  6. Sure some beautiful coastline in that area. Enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Have a great day in San Francisco.

  7. Paige is a Princess - Happy Birthday!

    Fantastic photos of the Monterey coast. It's a photographer's dream there isn't it?

  8. What!! Not fair to have so many gorgeous grand-daughters!! How nice that you got to share her special day!! Take care and safe travels!

  9. Great area to tour and you are really taking it all in. Nice photos to remember it all too!

    Pebble Beach is fantastic, isn't it! No thought to try golfing one of the courses?

    Skype is such a great tool to connect you with family wherever they may be. That truly connects families even through long distance travels.

  10. You are killin' us with your beautiful photos !!

    Wish we were still in Cali with you guys.

    We are getting freezing rain and snow !!

    Enjoy my friend ... TnT

  11. Around every corner is a new view even better than the last. Beautiful.