Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oarange Grove RV Park...

We have made our way to Bakersfield, Ca. Tonight and we are Staying at Orange Grove RV Park, which was recommended to us by Rene and Jeanette... Great spot with lots of free oranges for everyone.  They have free Wifi here, that didn't work so I am down to the smart phone that does not really like blogger!  No pics tonight!  Nice and w,arm though... Lots of RVers staying tonight. 

Going to be very short tonight, will try again tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love that RV park and the oranges are a welcome bonus. Do they still have some on the trees? I thought they would be gone by now.

  2. This building is just outside the gates of Orange Grove RV Resort. Ask any of the staff and they will direct you. Free samples of everything.... We get a box of Oranges from there shipped to us often. They are soooo juicy and good. We love staying at Orange Grove RV Resort. Safe Journey home.

  3. enjoy the oranges!!!..fresh squeezed juice in the morning?

  4. Enjoy the oranges and nice weather, hope your internet speeds up for you.

  5. Also meant to suggest that you do get better WiFi service the closer you are to the office. You can always take your lap top and sit outside (or indoors) the office area.