Friday, March 9, 2012

Palms to Pines Highway…

This morning was a Resort type Morning for all of us, just simply taking life easy at Caliente Springs RV Resort!  Life is Good as my phone would tell you!

This afternoon we kicked back into Tourist mode, and decided to take a run up to the Mountain Village of Idylwild, using Hwy. 74 or the Palms to Pines Highway!   What a terrific ride, as you make you way up the switch backs and top out at 6, 200 feet, just the other side of Idylwild.

There is a Vista along Hwy. 74, that offers this great view of the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert in the foreground, and Ranch Mirage in the background…


Judy and Teri checking out the views at the Vista.


Below is another Vista Point, along the San Jacinto Mountains… it was a perfect day for taking a ride!


Our Jeep was lost in the wilderness…


What a terrific area to tour…


It was quite a big canyon behind Howard…


No Palm Trees in Idylwild, but there are a bunch of big Pines, with the biggest pine cones you have ever seen!


Idylwild is a bit of a Tourist Trap, and yup, they managed to drain us today!


Howard used to be a Real Estate Agent, so he had to check out the prices…  they seemed high to me.


There stores up here seemed endless…


Ya, I had to find a bit of snow… first of the winter for me!


Judy loves wind chimes…


Doggies all got to be outside, while the humans ate lunch inside!


This is a unique type of “Alpine Village” going on up here… the weather was great up here today… nice and warm… we have been here when it is real cold!



We came down from Idylwild into Banning, and found the sun playing tricks on this range of mountains in the pass.


Oh, have I ever mentioned there are a few of this things in the pass???


We made our way back down into Palm Springs, and wanted to hit the Thursday night Street Fair.  However, we were all hungry, so Howard and Teri treated us to dinner tonight at “Billy Reeds Restaurant”… I am now hooked on this place!  I really enjoyed it, and will want to go back soon!  WOW!

I was running out of steam, so no pics of the street fair, and you have all seen this before anyways… just do a search back in your memory banks!

Till tomorrow…


  1. With the temperatures warming up, that is a possible motorcycle ride for Jeanette and I.

    Thanks for dropping by to say hi, yesterday.

  2. Once again, John, thank you for giving us yet another idea for a day trip.
    Hey, do you think you and Judy would like to visit us here at Outdoor Resort Palm Spring in Cathedral Village.
    We would love to get more tips from you ... LOL
    Take care ... Tnt

  3. The loop drive you took is one of my absolute favourites - great photos!

    Billy Reed's is one of our fav restaurants too! Nice place!