Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to the beach!

WOW... 80 + Degrees F. today, with nothing but sun! How can you beat that! Incredible day again.

We all hit the pool this morning enjoying our time in this nice home at Port Charlotte... however it seems our vacation may soon be over, and it is back to reality!

Someone said this morning, "Let's go to the beach!" I was kinda like... your kidding... with all these clouds... but soon agreed, and had to totally eat my words by the time we hit the beach, as it was awesome!

Where did we go???? To the Number One Rated Beach in the U.S.A. of course!


Siesta Beach! What a spot... I can see why it is rated #1 in the U.S. Great spot!


Tom and Cheryl got lost in the Gulf of Mexico below... this is a nice, pure white sand beach, and is big!

This is a very "high end' part of Florida, and that is evident by the type of Stores, Restaurants, and homes you find in this area, just south of the City of Sarasota.

Above is simply one example of the types of homes in this area of Florida... it is right on the Gulf of Mexico... and has water across the road from the inland water system... some of these homes were listed at $17,900,000.00... right in our price range! I can't remember ever seeing homes of this quality and quantity before, and in my day, I placed a whole pile of mortgages! It was a riot, just driving around looking at them, and dreaming, after all, we do have a ticket on the $60 Million Power Ball Lottery tonight!


We did come across a neat swing bridge, as we were driving around this afternoon, and had to wait for a boat to pass...simply, life in Florida!

Life is a beach!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a gorgeous beach! Has been added to the list!

  2. beautiful beach and such white sand!.nice to read both yours and Cher's 'take' on your day!

  3. Looks just like our house:-) Glad you enjoyed the beach!

  4. gorgeous beach we are putting that one on our list...glad you had a great day!!

  5. That's really gorgeous. I wonder what people do to be able to afford a house like that. I can only imagine what the taxes would be.

  6. Awesome beach. Been there....but cannot remember if we walked the same beach. Nice temperatures too!

  7. Hey John, can you send me the listing for that $17 million home. It looks like a real bargain. Maybe they'd consider a good truck as a trade.

    O.K., I hadn't heard of that beach but judging by your photos, I'll vote it #1.

  8. If you have a chance check out the drum circle and dancing that happens every sunday afternoon an hour or so before sunset on Siesta Key beach. Certainly a must see when you are in the area.

  9. Sarasota is our favorite area on the Gulf Coast. Looks like you had a great day to enjoy Siesta Key. Good luck on the lottery ticket!
    --Pam and Vic of the Big EZ