Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I am just one Busted Blogger...

Can you believe over 85 deg. F. again, and hotter than pancakes in a frying pan! Wow... what a winter Florida is enjoying... it seems to never stop!

Judy and I hit the road for Tampa this morning shortly after 9:00. (Would like to thank who ever installed the A/C Unit in our Jeep when it was built, it got used today!) We had a choice actually, we could go to the RV Show in Tampa, or the one in Toronto! We thought about it for a minute, and chose Tampa... go figure!


Judy grabbed this pic above of the entrance gates while we drove into the Fairgrounds in a BIG line up from the Interstate 4 Hwy. $6.00 to park the Jeep, and $18.00 to get in past the front gate for this show. It is billed as the "Biggest RV Show in the U.S.A." They may be right, it is big!

We were only just inside the door and checking out a couple of the Million Dollar Prevost RV's, when all of a sudden we got BUSTED!

I heard someone calling out to me, and soon was introduced to Janet and Sheldon, from Port Perry, Ontario. Janet is an avid reader of RVlifeonwheels and spotted me in the crowd, and right away knew who I was...BUSTED! We had a great talk with them at the show, and after I encouraged them to keep on reading, we carried on with the show. Nice meeting you Folks! Enjoy the rest of your winter! They do not have a blog of their own, but they sure knew all the heavy hitters in Blog Land!

This show is packed with all the trailers and RV's from all the big could find anything here. There was also a big building full of anything RV you might need to put inside, to make your life easier!

They had ongoing entertainment going on, including this guy above dancing with the lady...


This was a two person river boat band floating by... they were good! About 1/2 through our tour this afternoon, I started to not feel very good... we had just enjoyed lunch, and the sun was beating down on a very hot RV show... I had to find a nice comfy chair inside one of the A/C buildings for a few minutes, and after Judy found me a nice cold bottle of water, I was soon back to touring the RV's. Hard to believe it is mid January, and so hot in Florida, but that is the way it goes! Sometimes you just have to tuff it out!


This was one of my favourites, in the 5th Wheel Catagory... it has it's own porch on the back of the rig, and also on the side through the patio doors! Great layout inside as well... just forgot to note who made it! Oh well... it was fun just being out there dreaming! We will be keeping our Gulf Stream!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh...I would love that patio, but not sure I am willing to pay the price.

  2. It looks like a great show , glad you enjoyed it. We have been to so many and still have fun at them.
    Gotta wear a hat in this hot weather, and drink lotsa water really helps.

  3. It's fun to go through all the new RV's...and that Prevost you looked into would look good in your RV spot.

    Good of those blog readers to find you in the mix of RV lookie loos.

  4. I enjoy RV shows even though we're not in the market. It's sure fun to see what's out there. I'm not sure about a patio on an RV. Isn't the campsite the patio? Just seems a bit strange but I suppose it could have its advantages.

  5. I love to go through RVs, that patio model is great. Glad you are enjoying your time there.

  6. nothing like getting out and kicking some tires to make you want what you already have!
    you are famous, John! no wonder she recognized you!

  7. I guess now that you're a celebrity, John, you're going to have to start signing autographs!

    It's always fun to look at new RV's to see what kind of features they think of to jazz them up. Not so sure those patios are a great idea though.