Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long day finishing up RV Repairs...

Our Installer's showed up at 9:00 this morning, and left at about 7:45 tonight! Phew...long day for them and us! They needed the inside space of the RV to themselves all day, so we were booted out along with Patra.

Good thing it is 85 deg. and sunny all day today... takes the pain away from being outside.



All that we can say is "Wow"... what a great job they did on the install. It took a while, but I would rather they do that, then hurry through and not be happy with the results. They even did the risers on our steps for us, that we neglected to think about when we ordered the floor... the installer said, "No problem, we have enough material to do it... no extra charge!" Wow... again! When have you heard that last!

So, that is it for tonight... back to normal again tomorrow! Lots of hot weather coming our way! Yippeeee!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice job! I'm sure you two are thrilled with the result and equally thrilled that the job is over with.

  2. Looks great. So is a dry mop or a "swiffer" in the cards?

  3. Awesome looking floor, enjoy you great weather. Thats what you are there for.

  4. Nice to have the work done so you can get back to normal. Especially Patra. She has been uprooted a lot lately and will be happy to get back to her favorite window. Keep enjoying that great weather. It is raining here!!

  5. Beautiful looking job on the floors.

    It's sure nice when you can leave for the day and come back to a result like that.

    Send some of that heat out west - we need it right now.

  6. excellent looking your flooring...