Friday, January 11, 2013

Recovery Day...

You think we would take it easy today after being put out of the RV for two days, but Judy was full of energy, so she worked all day getting the RV back into the shape we like. There was a lot of cutting, glueing, ripping, going on, so a full clean up was in order!

It was 85 deg. F here again, so made for a hot day.

We had a great Skype call with Kristina, Chris, and Gwenny of course... Kristina just had a Birthday and received a new iPad Mini! She is in love with it, and I took a couple screen shots off our call. Gwenny walks everywhere now, so Kristina has to chase her with the iPad.


She loves to ride her horse!

Till tomorrow...



  1. The chase is on, I remember those days, doesn't seem like that long ago!

  2. Everything back to normal now, you can enjoy the great weather.

  3. I see a lot of 'Face Time' in your future with Gwenny on her Mom's iPad.

  4. Can you push some of those nice hot temperatures toward the US southwest? It's cool here, these days!