Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just "POLK ing" around today...

Come on, it's the greatest day of the new year... Hockey is back! You know where I will be at 7:00 this evening, as the Leaf's open against Montreal!

As I mentioned before in the blog, we are really looking forward to good friends, Deb and Gerard, coming to visit in Feb. Deb had mentioned about maybe going to see a Blue Jay Spring Training Game, as both her and Gerard are big time Blue Jay Fans!

That leads us to today, as Judy and I figured we might as well take a nice drive over to Joker Marchant Field, also known as Tiger Land, and see if you couldn't score some tickets to the game. It was a fantastic day for a motorcycle drive... 25 miles to the field from Winter Haven.

It was a nice day, however overcast, which is perfect when you are out on the bikes...

This is a great Ball Park, and now we are really looking forward to the game on Feb. 23.

Parking lot was empty today, but games day will be sold out! Glad we came today for tickets, as the Tigers are a big item in this area, and they sell out their pre season games...

We were able to score 4 tickets, in the shade, right on the 3rd base line! There are no lousy seats in this Ball Park, and it will be nice to watch the game. The fans sit right on top of everything!

This picture above is for Deb and Gerard! I took this picture with the iPad right from our seats! We have a fantastic view of the field.

Judy is standing right in front of our seats... probably will be a few more people around on game day! We were able just to walk in and check out the Park!

About 1/2 of the seats in this Park are pre-sold to season ticket holders, and not available to the public.

AFter we got our tickets and set off, we went for a tour around Polk County. Winter Haven is located in Polk County, which is quite large in size. I was wondering how they came up with the name of "Polk County", but soon found out!

President James Knox Polk, was the eleventh President of the U.S.A. from 1845 to 1849. We stopped at the Polk County College, which is located in south Lakeland, where the Ball Park was. There was a hiking trail we saw from the highway that made us stop. Hey, why not, we will go for a walk!

This trail, turns out to be a paved bike/walking trail that goes from Lakeland to Bartow... about 8 miles away.


Check out this tree above we found along the trail... anyone know what kind it is???

These are the blooms on it... lots of colour!

We walked a mile down to a bridge and then turned around... going to come back with the bicycles.

Had to throw in this picture of the LA Kings raising the Stanley Cup Banner to start off the new season, even if it is going to be a short one! GAME ON!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad your are enjoying the weather and even get to see few games while you ate at it, have fun!

  2. What a beautiful day for a bike ride.... And what fun you'll have going to the game.
    Have fun

  3. Do those flowers have a nice fragrance? Would they happen to be part of the honeysuckle family? How fun that you get to go to the game and have great seats too. I remember the first time I walked into the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, in Southern CA. Not a soul around! It was huge and overwhelming. The gal that sold us our tickets took us on a mini tour to show us where our seats were.

  4. Good seats for the big game. It's going to take a few more weeks, maybe months, for me to get interested in watching hockey again.

  5. Awesome, John! Can't wait for the game now...well, and seeing you guys too.


  6. Such gorgeous, warm weather! The stadium makes me to grab some nachos and relax while watching the game!

  7. Those flowers are called Cape Honeysuckle. They are a variety of "Flame Bush."